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9 Really Healthy Junk Food Alternatives Your Kids Will Love

Apr 25, 2017

It’s a well-known fact that kids love junk food. Getting them to quit on this kind of food can be a daunting task as kids these days swear by their colas, burgers, and pizzas. Expecting them to switch over to salads overnight is not possible. However, these 9 alternatives should set your kid back on the right track.

1. Offer vegetable chips instead of potato

Kids love snacking on a pack of potato chips. However, these chips have no nutritive value and are just a source of unhealthy carbs and fats. Instead, have them snacking on vegetable chips such as kale or spinach chips. These are a significant source of nutrients while being healthy at the same time. Also, make sure you choose a baked variant instead of the fried version.

2. Frozen grapes and watermelon instead of candy

Instead of lollipops and other sugary treats, give your kids frozen grapes or frozen watermelon. Frozen fruits are high on naturally occurring sugar, which makes it a great substitute for processed sugar. Just chop fruits into desired sizes, add in toothpicks, pack it with cling wrap and freeze it. You can also freeze freshly prepared juices into popsicles. Make sure that the water used while making these popsicles is clean and purified.

3. Homemade pizza

Instead of ordering pizza from the restaurant, make a healthier version at home. The store pizzas tend to have copious amounts of cheese and other unhealthy toppings. If you can manage it, make a pizza made out of whole wheat or cauliflower as the base. Add healthy toppings and a bit of cheese.

4. Frozen yoghurt instead of ice-creams

Ice-creams are high on sugar and other chemical substances. They can be extremely fattening as well. Switching over to frozen yoghurt is a healthy and easy option. Your kids will surely love the tangy taste that's associated with frozen yoghurt. Make sure to choose the ones that are light on sugar, or opt for honey-sweetened variants.

5. Mashed cauliflower instead of mashed potatoes

Mashed cauliflowers, when properly prepared are almost indistinguishable from mashed potatoes. Cauliflowers are more nutritive than potatoes. So, even if your kids ask for a second helping, you can give them a big scoop, totally guilt-free.

6. Granola bars instead of chocolates

Often, children crave for chocolates, and it can be a tough task to dissuade them from getting one. However, granola bars are now affordable and easily available in most supermarkets. They are way healthier than chocolates and are equally tasty.

7. Avocado smoothies instead of milkshakes

Milkshakes and thick shakes are high in sugar and fat content. Get your kids to switch over to a nutritious avocado smoothie instead. While they may not like the taste initially, they'll soon get used to it. Once they do, it may be quite difficult to get them back to milkshakes.

8. Spiced nuts instead of fried snacks

Whenever your child feels like snacking on spicy foods, give them a handful of spiced nuts instead. Nuts are known to induce a feeling of satiety, thereby reduce their regular craving. Plus, it's healthier than oily snacks.

9. Fruit soda instead of canned beverages

If your kids regularly crave for aerated drinks, make a switch to fresh fruits or vegetables. Fresh lime soda, fresh vegetable, and fruit juices are a great option. Avoid sugar and opt for honey to sweeten the drink. Also, make sure you're using purified water while making the juice.

It’s important that children develop healthy food habits. A regular and healthy diet will help them grow strong and maintain their health. You’ll notice your kids excel in academics, sports, and extra-curricular activities too.

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