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Air pollution Facts You Should Know About

Mar 20, 2018

Air pollution is something that remains invisible to the naked eye, apart from when it gains extreme levels. As was demonstrated by the Delhi smog in the final months of 2017, air pollution is very much present in our environment and has a dangerous concentration in urban centres like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

Here are some incredible air pollution facts that you should know about to start taking the threat seriously.

  • Air pollution is one of the leading killers in the world. Breathing in polluted air increases the risk of heart diseases, lung cancer and stroke, manifold. According to WHO data air pollution contributes to over 11% of global deaths, which is more than people killed by HIV, tuberculosis, and road accidents.
  • It is the 4th largest threat to human life after high blood pressure, dietary health risks and smoking.
  • Air pollution's hazards are more prevalent in developing countries where the public health systems are not equipped to cope with the problems caused by it. The major danger spots cited by WHO are Africa, Eastern Europe, India, China and the Middle-East.
  • Air pollution is more dangerous for children and seniors due to their underdeveloped / ageing lungs and immune systems.
  • Sitting in a car with windows open can expose you to 8 times more pollution than a cyclist on the road.
  • The world spends a combined total of over 225 billion US dollars to fight air pollution.
  • Indoor air pollution can be as much as 10 times higher than outdoor air pollution due to improper ventilation, older electronic equipment and carpeted upholstery.
  • Air pollution has also been linked to attention disorders and depression.
  • Polluted air can cause premature ageing of skin.

Buying a home air purifier

For comprehensive protection from air pollution, you can buy smart home products like home air purifiers. These products have special filters (HEPA) to filter out even the tiniest of pollutants from the ambient air.

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