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Air pollution might be the reason why you feel depressed

Nov 01, 2017

It is a known fact that excess stress can leave us feeling low and depressed. Stress is especially harmful when it is chronic, as it can weaken our immune system and cause other problems like high blood pressure, heart problems and a number of other ailments that further weaken our mental fortitude.

While stress is often connected with our emotional state of mind, such as financial troubles, job security, and personal relationships, scientists have deduced that environmental pollution can also lead to an increase in stress and cause depression. Chronic stress can combine with air pollution around you to cause mental and physical problems.

The evidence points towards rising air pollution

Both adults and children get affected by air pollution's adverse effects. Studies have indicated that a decline in ambient air quality can result in lowered productivity.

Particulate matter, which are ultra-fine particles made up of dust and gases, can reach our cerebral organs by getting into the bloodstream through breathing. In studies conducted at Harvard School of Public Health, it was concluded that the PM pollutants can be even more threatening in colder climatic conditions.

• Scientists believe that brain inflammation and hormonal imbalance caused by air pollution might be related to the rise in stress levels of individuals living in polluted environments.

• Stress and depression combined with poor indoor air quality (IAQ) during pregnancy can lead to behavioural problems in children according to a research conducted by the Columbia University.

How to overcome stress and depression?

• Asking for professional help is the first thing you should do when feeling you are low at work and home.

• You can also speak to your superiors and HR to get support at the workplace and share your troubles with friends and family when facing personal issues.

• Do not resort to alcohol or drugs as a way out, you need a healthy life for recovery and not the opposite.

• Physical exercise can also reduce stress by taking your mind off things and allowing you to think straight.

How to reduce air pollution in your home and office?

• Proper ventilation is very important for removing air pollutants from an indoor environment. Ensure that your house has unrestricted air flow and leave the windows open during early morning hours to let some fresh air in.

• Buy home air purifiers for your bedroom and living room. You can also consider getting an air purifier for office use, but make sure that the air purifiers you are buying have HEPA and carbon filters instead of air ionisation technology.

• Wear a face mask while travelling, especially if you live in a metro city and frequently get stuck in the rush hour traffic.

Maintaining a work-life balance is the key to avoid stress and staying healthy. As is always the case "A stitch in time, saves nine". So, act against your stress and depression now and opt for #sampurnasuraksha tips and technologies.

At Livpure, we are constantly working towards providing a healthy and happy future for everyone. You can browse our home and office health products here.

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