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Air Purifier Online Buying Guide for You

Jan 29, 2018

Indoor air pollution can be more hazardous for your health than outdoor air pollution. Studies point toward indoor air pollution being one of the deadliest forms of pollution in developing countries like India.

The spread of air purifiers in India in recent years is a testament to the rising awareness among the citizens about the menace of air pollution.

The recent smog caused by agricultural and industrial smoke in the national capital prompted a spike in the purchase of air purifiers online and offline. However, the danger from air pollution is far from over and today we are sharing the air purifier online buying guide to help you with an e-commerce purchase of a home or office air purifier.

1. Budget and Protection

The first and foremost thing people consider while investing in a technology like air purifier is the cost of ownership. Even if you are buying an air purifier for purely experimental use, we advise that you spend a little more on getting a quality air purifier to fully test the effectiveness of this technology.

Air purifier with HEPA filters are available in the 10k range and can be purchased online or offline. Livpure is one of the most trusted air purifier brands in India and you can check the Livpure air filtration products to know more about the technology.

2. Basic Feature List

The best air purifiers to go for right now are the ones with Apollo H11 HEPA filters. These filters guarantee 99.9% removal of fine dust (PM2.5) from your room or office cabin. Also, they do not release any by-product (such as Ozone) during operation.

Another feature is the design of the unit itself. Some units come with a 360 degree in-flow and out-flow design which enables them to work from anywhere in a room setting - these are the ones you should go for.

High clean air delivery rate or CADR is another sought after feature in home air purifiers as it ensures faster recycling of air in your room.

3. Advanced Feature List

When going for a more feature rich home air purifier, you can check out the device for following features which offer added protection.

  • A carbon filter to remove gases and volatile organic compounds.
  • Real-time pollution monitoring with display (a PM2.5 level monitor)
  • WiFi enabled operation which lets you control the air purifier from anywhere via a smartphone app.

Buying Air Purifier Online

Livpure air purifiers are available from online and offline through authorised resellers. The company provides comprehensive after sales support to help you with maintenance and timely filter replacement.

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