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Are you using your home air purifier correctly?

May 22, 2018

The rising menace of air pollution has prompted homeowners to invest in smart home products like air purifiers and humidifying units. While various brands are selling air purifiers in India, there are only a select few which are using the ideal technology to deal with the menace of air pollution.

Livpure air purifiers come with HEPA filters to give you a comprehensive protection from indoor air pollutants. You can visit the Livpure website to know more about the home air filtration technologies before investing in them.

However, if you have already bought an air purifier online or offline, there are a few things that you should keep in mind while using it. These little steps will ensure that your air purifier is covering the maximum area possible and is working at 100% efficiency.


An air purifier with HEPA and activated carbon filters uses a fan for air intake. The air is then passed through the filters to remove the ambient pollutants. To ensure that the air purifier is pulling in air from all directions, it is important to place the air purifier in a place where it is not surrounded by obstructions like furnishings and upholstery.

Fan Speed and Noise

You air purifier has a fan speed control function, which can be used to decrease the time the unit takes to clean the air inside your bedroom or living room. You can set the fan speed to “high” when starting up the unit and gradually reduce it as the air becomes cleaner. At night, you can slow down the fan speed to bring down the extra decibels of noise and have a good night’s sleep in clean air.

Filter Replacement

Cleaning an air filter is one of the most important tasks to carry out on your home air purifier. By ensuring that nothing is clogging the air filters or by replacing them after recommended number of hours, you can ensure that you get 100% protection from air pollution.

Also, by maintaining your unit timely, you can reduce the number of technician visits and maintenance calls. If you are looking for a home air purifier or an office air purifier online, visit the Livpure website now.

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