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Are your employees being treated to pure drinking water?

Apr 06, 2017

Starting a new company or managing your current one has its own set of challenges. But ensuring that your employees are regular to work, performing consistently and staying healthy will help your organization excel at every level. One way to make sure your employees stay healthy is to provide them with clean and safe drinking water.

So, what is an ideal water purifier for your office?

Make sure that the water purifier will have a high flow rate along with the latest technology in purification. Select a reliable and high-quality product that can serve a high number of people at busy offices and schools. Also, a dependable water purifier will have a high purification capacity, like 50 LPH (litres per hour).

Why is water so important?

Our bodies are made up of 60% water. Water has an impact on all bodily functions. From flushing out toxins and lubricating joints, organs and other body parts to promoting digestion and keeping skin healthy, water creates a balance of essential nutrients in our bodies. Dehydration can lead to several health problems. This is why it is important that you, as an employer, make sure that your employees have access to drinking water all the time.

So, when it comes to drinking water, what are the most common challenges faced by India’s major cities?

The major challenges are the presence of harmful contaminants, depletion of ground water and the lack of rain water harvesting methods. The problem is worse for people who have low incomes and are living in resettlement colonies. Still, millions of people in the country depend on the water from pipes and other undependable water sources. In other words, getting access to clean drinking water is not easy.

As an employer, how can you provide clean and safe water to your employees?

For drinking purposes, water from taps is not a reliable source. Hence, a water purifier or a water dispensing system is an ideal solution.

Before you invest in a water purifier, take into account the number of people present in your organization. Next, you can decide the right installation options that’ll complement your office space. You have options like a table top, wall mounting or under the sink water purifiers.

Narrow down the process of choosing the right water filter

  • Number of Stages of Purification
  • Total Dissolved Solids Levels (TDS)
  • Purification Technology - RO, UV, RF, Taste Enhancer
  • Speak to the manufacturer about maintenance and spares

Regular maintenance of your water purifier will ensure good performance

Periodic maintenance will ensure that the water purifier will rarely encounter any forms of glitches or breakdowns. This step ensures that the water purifier will continue to work efficiently and your employees get access to clean water every single day. At regular intervals of time and within the warranty period, technicians from the company will drop by to service the water purifier. There’s no extra cost. 

Look out for when the warranty on the product expires. Also, get regular service checks done so that your water purifier is in top condition. This will increase the longevity of your water purifier. Simultaneously, you can get cleaning tips from the company’s service representatives or look up cleaning ideas on the internet.

Once your warranty runs out, make sure to clean your water purifier. You can do this with ionizing agents, which flow through the filter and clean the water. Drain it out through an output pipe. 

How you benefit when you provide clean drinking water to your employees

1. Keeps people hydrated—an important aspect of maintaining overall good health.

2. Improves mental acuity—dehydration causes a reduction in brain activity. Hydration offers nourishment to the body and improves focus, memory and alertness.

3. Increases efficiency—refueling with water boosts energy levels, which in turn helps improve productivity.

By paying attention to the some of the most basic amenities like drinking water, your employees will notice that you care about them. You can create a lasting impact with simple gestures like this. So, make sure you provide them with clean drinking water because the benefits are numerous.

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