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As you play with colours, gift your family clear and clean drinking water

Mar 01, 2017

Holi is upon us once again. People of all ages enjoy this festival of colours. After all, who doesn’t love playing with colours and having water fights all day long! But did you know that these colours are extremely harmful?

This may not come as a surprise because most of us are aware of the problems posed by colours. However, we ignore it or conveniently forget about it every year during this time. Let us take some of your time to remind you just how toxic these chemicals are and how you can protect yourself from its harmful effects.


Stay away from these dangerous colours

The colours commonly used these days during Holi are prepared using metallic compounds such as mercuric sulphate (red), copper sulphate (green), lead oxide (black) and aluminium bromide (silver).

While playing with colours, it’s next to impossible to prevent them from entering our body or coming in contact with our eyes. These are chemicals that are proven to cause a range of health issues such as kidney failure, skin allergies, eye allergies, temporary blindness and even cancer in the worst cases!

That’s just a small summary of how harmful these colours can be. You understand the gravity of the matter without us having to go deep into the subject. In short, Holi these days is played using industrial dyes instead of colours extracted from natural ingredients. “Why?”, you ask? Because chemical based colours are inexpensive to manufacture.

You can choose to stay safe this Holi

It already sounds bad, but we don’t want to deprive you of the joy of playing with colours. After all, the festival is supposed to be fun and celebrated by covering ourselves in an array of colours.

If you’re serious about keeping Holi safe for your loved ones this year, make the switch to natural colours, which are more expensive; but that’s a compromise we can make without a second thought.

The colours we use can harm the environment, and ultimately us too

Playing Holi with toxic colours has other consequences that we don’t generally realize. It adds to the problem of water pollution.


All the coloured water we play with and the colour that’s cleaned later with water has to end up somewhere. You’ll be shocked to know that in many cases, drainage or sewage water drains into rivers. This water ultimately ends up in our glasses. The chemical rich water from Holi also seeps into local ground water sources—water that we pump out and utilize every day.

Ensure safe drinking water for yourself and your family

Boiling your water will not protect you from the chemicals present in water. Neither will chlorination, the purification method employed by municipal water suppliers. Your best bet is to drink water that’s been purified by an advanced purifier that uses Reverse Osmosis (RO).RO purified water is not just free of disease-causing pathogens, but also harmful chemicals, including metallic compounds and heavy metals resulting from the colours.


Livpure Smart Touch RO Water Purifier is a great option you should consider, even if you have a regular water purifier at home. It is India's first smart RO water purifier, which can be controlled completely through your smart phone. This way you can make sure your family gets a constant supply of pure and safe drinking water even when you’re not at home.

This Holi, keep the environment safe and play healthy. Also, drink healthy with Livpure water purifiers.

Conserve water and enjoy the festival

You already know how difficult the water situation is. We urge you to be considerate this season and save water—not just for you but the world at large.

Tips to save water this Holi

  • Measure how much water you want to play with and store it. Don’t exceed the limit.

       ·   Use dry colours and still have fun.

       ·   Make sure to play with natural colours. You can wash them off more easily.

  • Wash up only after you’re done playing.

Coat your hair with oil and skin with plenty of cream or sunscreen. It will protect your hair and skin from the harsh effects of colour.

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