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Be water wise: Tips to use waste water from your RO

Oct 27, 2017

Pure and clean water is one of the basic necessities for an individual to lead a healthy life. Whether you want stronger immunity, supple skin or shiny hair, the key to everything is pure water. That is why RO water purifiers have become such an important fixture in majority of households, as they give 100% #SampurnaSuraksha against impurities. While most of us are quite aware of the importance of clean water and RO water purifier, what we don’t realize is for every one liter of clean water that the RO is producing, it is also rejecting a substantial amount of unclean water. This RO waste water is high in TDS (totally dissolved solids) and inorganic salts, making it unsuitable for us to drink.

But that doesn’t mean that this RO waste water can’t be put to other uses. After all, every drop counts! Especially in a our country, given the water conditions we are living in. Read on to find out a few uses for your RO’s waste water.

1. Car wash - Washing up your car can take up to 14 liters of water, more so when you are using a hose pipe. A great way to recycle your RO waste water is to save it up over a week and give your car a good wash.

2. Toilets – Taking a bath or using the RO waste water to wash your hair is a strict no-no. But one can certainly use the water to give your toilets the periodical clean-up. However, mix it with normal water to make sure that it doesn’t cause discoloration on the surfaces.

3. Household chores – You can mix some of the RO water with the fresh water to mop up your floors. Make sure to dilute it properly, because if the TDS content in the RO water is high, there might be some salt deposition on the floor once the water dries.

You can also use the RO waste water for your used utensils after every meal. Now washing the utensils with the same water would be a bad idea. But you can certainly use the water to sink in the used utensils so that the food stuck on the surface won’t dry up and can easily be removed during washing.

1. Gardening – For avid plant lovers, using RO waste water is quite practical to keep your garden blooming. This is especially so in urban areas where the TDS content in RO water tends to be lower, hence not harmful to plants. However, it’s advisable to check the quality of water on different plant species.

2. Sewage pipes – The waste RO water can also be used to clean the sewage pipe at home and kitchen. Because of its high saline content, the RO water is powered to clean the dirt away.

These are all little ideas to conserve water that can make a world of difference if everyone adopts them. Start now and share some of your water efficient practices as well!

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