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Buying an air purifier for your office cabin is the best thing to do right now

Jul 13, 2018

Office spaces are shrinking day by day due to the rising real estate prices, booming economic activity and increasing work force. As more companies look for premium work space, the cabin sizes begin to get smaller and as more people start working in a closed work space, the indoor air quality starts dipping.

Indoor air quality is considered as one of the prominent dangers to the health and well-being of urban and rural population. India ranks poorly in this regard due to its humongous population size, lack of proper infrastructure and elevated levels of air pollution.

So, if you happen to work in an Indian metro city, a desk job that keeps you and several others busy throughout the day. It might be a good idea to do a check on the indoor air quality in your office. Indoor air quality monitors are available in the market and you can also get them easily from an e-commerce website like Flipkart or Amazon.

Buying an Office Air Purifier

The next thing in your agenda should be the purchase of an indoor air filtration unit. There are several brands in the market, and selecting one which has a credible presence gives you a hassle-free buying, installation and service experience.

We are listing a few things that will help you along in making the right choice.

  • Buy an air purifier with HEPA filter, as it is the last word in air filtration right now. The filter was designed to remove nuclear dust inside reactors, so you can see the level of technology involved here.
  • Ask for an air purifier for with high CADR. Clean air delivery rate (CADR) ensures that the room or cabin gets cleaned faster and more efficiently.
  • Pay attention to the design as well, since the air purifier uses fans to recycle the air through the filters, so the vent placement on the unit is also important. Companies like Livpure are offering 360 degree vent designs in their air purifiers which you can check out on their official website.

So, that's that, buying an air purifier for your office cabin will not only ensure that you stay healthy, but can also increase your productivity (read here).

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