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Did you know about Structured Water

Apr 13, 2014

When we talk about resources that are the most vital to sustaining life, water is the name that tops the list. Our body contains around 70% of water, and this balance is essential to maintain and lead a healthy life. That underlines the absolute importance of drinking fresh and clean water.

So, what is structured water?

The modern age has seen an increased dependency on processed water for drinking purposes. Though that might seem apparently healthy, it fails against the natural water which was available thousands of years ago. It brings us to the concept of structured water which may be defined as the water that hasn’t been subjected to processing yet. More technically though, structured water is defined as the molecular arrangement of water that exists when it’s in the affinity of surfaces that are hydrophilic in nature. Unlike ice, structured water arranges itself in hexagonal sheets that are free to move over one another. It practically means that water has a whole new phase other than the three that we already know, and this phase is what we call the structured water.

How does structured water help our body?

Structured water isn’t mechanically processed and might contain higher levels of energy. Most of the water content in our body is structured, and these structured water molecules hold a higher level of electrical charges. Optimally charged structured water molecules within our cells do have a good impact on our body and control how our tissues work. The structure undergoes a change when subjected to mechanical processing, leading to a high level of estrogens which consequently dampens the energy stored in structured water.

One of the pioneers on the topic of structured water, Dr Gerald Pollack believes that structured water is highly beneficial to our bodies as it may just have the optimum pH value that’s vital to our health. According to him, structured water would make us optimally hydrated. Apart from optimally hydrating our bodies, let’s learn how structured water plays an important role. 

– Benefits the energy levels of our cells

– Improves digestive abilities

– Enhances the ability of enzymes that work on nutrient absorption

– Helps us stay in a positive mood for a longer period

– Improves our concentration

– Improves sleeping habits and helps us sleep well

– Controls blood pressure and cholesterol levels in our bodies

– Improves the health of our kidneys

Why is structured water more beneficial than processed water?

If you consider the cell as a matrix made up of acids and proteins, then water plays the important role of filling the gaps between the various acids and proteins. If the water is structured, it’ll be optimally charged which leads to optimal cellular and metabolic functionality. It would also mean a subsequently improved detoxification process and hydration.

It’s believed that once water reaches your body and sets up in your cells, restructuring can be achieved by subjecting it to different energy levels. These energy sources might be any source of heat and infrared light or even the common human touch! Light therapy has been in use for several years now when treating muscle and skin related problems. Since exposure to light restructures the water inside our bodies, it remains to be seen whether structuring of water is what improves these anomalies.

The water in our body can get restructured by natural grounding activities as well. That means walking barefoot naturally restructures the water in the cells. The believed theory is that the soles of our feet absorb negative electrons which in turn restructure the water inside.

Currently, there’s plenty of research that has to be done to provide any concrete theory or evidence regarding the actual benefits of structured water on our body. However, as Dr Pollack believes, unlocking the full potential of structured water might as well make a breakthrough in improving the human health, on the whole naturally.

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