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Did you know? Dehydration Can Cause Depression

Mar 21, 2018

A new study has connected dehydration with depression. In fact, chronic dehydration can cause acute depression by affecting multiple parts of your body. However, while dehydration alone cannot be attributed to the factor behind depression, it is definitely a contributing factor.

Here are the ways in which dehydration is connected to depression.

  • Dehydration causes a decrease in the production of serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter which is largely associated with mood swings. An adequate amount of water is needed for converting tryptophan into serotonin in our brain. A deficiency of water can directly affect your coping mechanism for different moods.
  • Apart from affecting tryptophan transfer to the brain, dehydration can also have a negative effect on other amino acids in our bodies. This may result in feelings of dejection, inadequacy, anxiousness and irritation.
  • Dehydration also results in reduced energy production in our brain. That is the reason why people suffer from dizziness and lethargy when water levels drop in our body. This in turn reduces our brain's capability to process problems accurately and in longer run can result in depression.
  • It is not without reason do we say that a healthy mind requires a healthy body. Dehydration also increases stress on our body functions as water is the carrier of energy across our body. When our body is stressed, it releases cortisol - the stress hormone, but if dehydration is prolonged, the adrenal glands may be exhausted and the production of essential hormones can slow down. Thus, leading to chronic stress and low electrolytes count in the body.

How to fight depression caused by dehydration?

Well, the obvious answer is that you should drink adequate amounts of water during a day. To do so, you will need a clean source of drinking water in your home. RO water purifiers are the most effective home water filtration products today. Water purifier brands in India, such as Livpure, are continuously working towards developing newer water purifier technologies to provide calorie-free nutrition for the masses.

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