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Does Fizzy Water Really Make You Fat Find Out the Truth!

May 25, 2017

Everyone knows and agrees that sweetened carbonated drinks like colas are not good for health and contribute to weight gain. Fizzy drinks, on the other hand, don’t have sugar, but still give you the fizz because they are carbonated. This makes them a good alternative to soft drinks.

However, there are different types of fizzy drinks – some are plain carbonated water (seltzer water), while others have dissolved additives (club soda contain various dissolved salts, and tonic water has quinine). Some types of carbonated water may even have artificial sweeteners. And research conducted by the Birzeit University in Palestine suggests they may not be as healthy as previous thought.

The research concluded that fizzy water could make you gain weight. But how can water with no sugar or any calorie make you gain weight? According to the scientists, carbonated water can make your body release a hormone called ghrelin that’s responsible for inducing hunger. Weight gain can thus result due to a person eating more than usual.

The researchers came to this conclusion by conducting a study on rats. One group of test rats were given fizzy drinks (including zero-calorie carbonated drinks), along with their regular food, while the other group was given non-carbonated sweetened drinks with their food.

After just three months, they found that rats consuming non-carbonated sugary drinks only gained as much weight as rats drinking plain water. But the rats consuming fizzy water had gained more weight. A year into the study, the rats on fizzy water had started showing signs of chronic obesity.

When ghrelin levels were measured, it was found to be much higher in the obese rats than the others. Significantly, the researchers found that even among humans, ghrelin levels were greater than normal when carbonated water was consumed!

So, does that mean you should avoid carbonated water at all costs? Probably not. The fact remains that they are safer than any sugary soft drink. As for the weight gain issue highlighted by the research, it should be noted that a human research has still not been conducted. Also, the rats in the study were only given fizzy water. In real life, you probably drink carbonated water only in limited quantities. So a couple of glasses carbonated water a day is unlikely to make you gain weight.

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