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Drinking Water is the Best Teeth Therapy You Can Get

May 21, 2018

No matter if your glass is half-full or half-empty, drinking water is always good for health. An adult human body is made of almost 60% water. The body uses water for a number of functions such as regulating the temperature, distributing energy and getting rid of wastes.

Drinking clean water also helps your teeth and ensures oral health, here’s how,

Strengthens the teeth

Water contains fluoride which is also known as the nature’s cavity fighter. Fluoride stops tooth decay in children and adults. When you drink water regularly, your teeth get cleansed naturally.

Cleanses the mouth

Your favourite sandwich or smoothie may leave some of its contents stuck between your teeth. The cavity inducing bacteria are attracted by such elements. These bacteria create an acid which wears off the enamel - the outer layer of our teeth - thus causing cavities.

Certain aerated drinks also contain added acids to alter their taste. These acids (phosphoric, citrus or manic) can also erode the enamel.

Water, on the other hand, cleanses your mouth due to its natural properties and lack of fibrous elements. While we would also recommend brushing your teeth twice a day, yet, drinking a healthy amount of water from your home water purifier will definitely keep you smiling charmingly.

Keeps your mouth from drying

Many times, you may have experienced a dryness inside your mouth. Saliva, which is our mouth’s first defence against tooth decay, generally, washes away leftover food. However, sometimes the saliva supply may run low and cause dry mouth.
Drinking water will cut the risk and give you long-lasting protection from tooth decay caused by dry mouth.

So, there they are, the benefits of drinking water for your teeth. Water is a source of calorie-free nutrition and is associated with weight-loss as well.

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