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Elements that Affect the Taste of Your Drinking Water

Jan 19, 2018

Quite often it happens that we notice a difference in the taste of our drinking water. The difference may be caused by the presence of several organic and inorganic elements. Here are some common elements that affect the taste of water.

  • Chemicals and Disinfectants

The most common issue reported by homeowners is their drinking water tasting like chemicals. This can be caused either by water pollution or due to the excess use of municipal disinfectants like chlorine.

If the water smells and tastes bad, it is most likely that a pollution source is near your municipal water tank or there is a breakage in the distribution system. Chemical toxification can be very hazardous for your health and therefore it is advisable to contact concerned authorities right away.

In case it’s related to municipal disinfection, you can ask your municipal suppliers to moderate the use of disinfectants.

  • Mineral Leaching from the Distribution Network

If your city's water supply network is a bit old, or so is the case with your apartment's water pipes, the water may end up tasting metallic. This is caused by minerals and other inorganic deposits in your water delivery network and storage tanks leaching into the water.

  • Algae Bloom in Ground Water Sources

Ground water sources such as rivers and lakes have seasonal algae formations, which may cause the water sourced from these water bodies to taste weird and give a foul smell.

  • Source of Water Supply

Lastly, the taste of your tap water essentially depends on its source of origin. Water from well often contains more minerals and tastes a bit salty, whereas water from lakes and ponds has a more earthy taste to it.

Getting Your Drinking Water's Taste Right

Water purifiers offer additional protection from water pollution for homeowners and office goers. RO water purifiers use osmotic membranes to clear inorganic matter from your drinking water, hence naturalising its taste. Furthermore, getting an RO + UV water will clean organic pollutants and remove the musty taste from your drinking water.

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