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Empower Your Child's Dreams, Turn them into Reality

Dec 29, 2017

The ideas of today will shape the world of tomorrow, and these ideas are represented by your kid's dreams and aspirations. As parents, you are responsible for the holistic growth and prosperity of the next generation, ensuring that it is wiser, more conscious and engaged in making the world a better place.

The Livpure #100DreamsOfYourngIndia campaign is asking parents all over India to connect with their kids' dreams and share them on a common platform.

Today, we are sharing the steps you can take to empower your child's dreams and make them a reality.

Developing a bond of friendship

You will have to move beyond the basic parenting skills to contribute to the holistic growth of your child. To make your children more caring, engaged and self-conscious, you will have to start with yourself.

Be open to the unconventional and unexpected when conversing with your children. For developing a more mature, healthy and loving relationship with your child, you will need to trust wholeheartedly and be supportive of your child’s choices. By developing a bond of friendship, you will be able to truly empower your kids to grow up wiser, more confident and capable of achieving their dreams.

Steering your kids away from negativity

Kids have a very fine emotional balance; they can be easily motivated or demotivated. To ensure that your kids are always ready for life's challenges, always show them the brighter side of things rather than using scare tactics and negative examples.

A negative influence will make your child fear making the most critical life choices. On the other hand, positive guidance will make your child confident while taking difficult decisions.

Prioritising your kid's aspirations

Always prioritise what your kid aspires to be, because that is the field where he or she is more likely to succeed.

Since we are talking about the realisation of your child's dreams and desires here, it is important for parents to understand that at each stage of development, your kid is forming his or her own set of beliefs. If you set unrealistic expectations about what the kid could or should achieve, it will not only undermine your child's dreams, but also cancel out the effects of any positive motivations.

Raising your child to see possibilities and opportunities

By praising your kids for their success and supporting them through failures, you can show them that there are always new paths to follow in life. Introducing your kids to new possibilities and opportunities as they grow up will help in developing an "I can" attitude and resilience towards setbacks.

Instilling a value system

People with a strong value system lead a better life because they know what they stand for. By helping your children in developing a personal value system, you can ensure that they grow up to become wise, responsible and caring citizens.


Share your little one's dreams for the future, and how you plan to help achieve them, with us, for the #100DreamsOfYourngIndia campaign. We will select the Top 100 dreams from all over India and showcase them on our website. The winning dreams will be awarded free Livpure Water Purifiers as a contribution from us towards their healthy and secured future.

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