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Essential checklist to consider before signing up for swimming classes!

Apr 28, 2017

Swimming is not only a great form of exercise, but it is a lot of fun. Along with giving you a full body workout, it is one of the few exercises that are low impact and safe on your joints. No matter what your age, it’s never too late to start swimming. From increasing your stamina and strengthening your core muscles to reducing your risk of chronic illnesses like diabetes and stroke, the benefits of swimming are many. To make it easy for you, we’ve compiled a checklist that outlines all the things you need before you sign up for swimming classes.

1) Goggles

Make sure you buy a pair of good-quality goggles before you start your swimming classes. They not only allow you to see clearly underwater but they also protect your eyes from chlorine. Chlorine can cause a stinging sensation in your eyes and cause inflammation of the conjunctiva.

If you plan to swim regularly, you can keep two sets of goggles—a clear and a dark pair of goggles. You can use the clear goggles on cloudy days and the dark ones on sunny days.

2) Swimsuit

If you’re a woman, you can choose a one piece, a two piece or even a leg suit. Avoid swimsuits that are made of beads or sequins since they can come off after repeated washing. Buy a quality swimsuit that is durable and comfortable.

Guys can choose from shorts, briefs or trunks. Serious swimmers prefer briefs, trunks or bodysuits since its more streamlined and allows you to move faster in water. Whether you buy a bodysuit or a trunk make sure that you’re comfortable in it.

3) Swim caps

Make sure you wear a swim cap every time you get into the pool. It protects your hair from getting damaged by chlorine. Chlorine can make your hair super dry and brittle. Swim caps come in a variety of styles and colours so you can pick a cap that suits your personality and matches your swimsuit or swim trunks. Try and buy a latex cap since they are known to last long.

4) Nose clips

If you are a first-time swimmer, you might be concerned about water getting up your nose. Don’t worry, you can solve this issue with nose clips. Wondering what nose clips are? These are clips available in plastic or silicon that sit across the bridge of your nose and they clasp your nostrils shut. However, nose clips are optional and not mandatory. 

5) Swimming towel

With all the emphasis on swimming gear, don’t forget to pack a mid-sized towel. There is nothing more annoying than finishing a swim and realising you don’t have a towel to dry yourself. Try to buy a cotton towel since they absorb water well.

6) Kickboards

A kickboard is nothing but a flotation device that helps you keep afloat. They are buoyant boards that you can hold onto while you kick in the water. Some kickboards come with handles so that you get a better grip. This is a good investment for beginners since it helps you perfect your kick in the water.

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