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Essential Home Products for a Modern Family

Jun 01, 2018

Modern homes are incomplete without the latest home technologies. A smart product can make your home all the more safer and energy efficient. Today we take a look at some smart home products which are a must have for a modern home in India.

Air Purifier

Indoor air quality has been deteriorating quite rapidly in urban areas of India. This has necessitated the use of home and office air purifiers. These products can filter the indoor air and remove a host of harmful pollutants within minutes. The most effective air purifiers are the ones that use the simplest of technologies i.e. simple air filtration.

Also known as HEPA air purifiers, these devices circulate the indoor air with a powerful fan and pass it through a number of filters to remove the pollutants. Livpure is one of the leading air purifier brands in India.

Water Purifier

Another product that has been used for protection against environmental pollution, in mega cities, is the water purifier. The RO water purifier has evolved over the years and is now one of the most effective measure against all kinds of water pollution. Livpure has even developed an RO+UV water purifier which can remove both dissolved solids and organic matter from the home water supply.

Smart Lighting Solutions

With everything becoming connected through IoT, smart lighting is something which seems straight out of a science fiction book or movie. You can now control the lighting inside your home through a smartphone app. These connected lighting systems are not only a cool way to showcase your home, but also help in conserving a ton of electrical energy.

Investing in smart home solutions will make your house future proof. By coupling appliances and devices like air purifiers, water purifiers and smart lights with solar energy setups, you can not only reduce your own carbon footprint but also contribute to the holistic development of the country.

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