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Filtered Water Vs. Bottled Water: What's the difference?

Nov 27, 2017

The trend of getting bottled water for our offices and homes has been rising for the past few years. Bottled water is easily available from our local grocery suppliers, offered with the ease of home delivery at a nominal charge. We use this water for drinking and cooking, since this is supposed to be filtered water which has been packaged for mass consumption.

However, incidents several incidents disputing the clean origins of bottled water have been reported by pro-active media and people. Since water pollution has become a rising concern all over the world, we do need to reanalyse some facts about bottled water.

Before we do that, let's take a look at another source of clean water which is readily available these days, RO water purifiers. These purifiers are available at very affordable prices in the market and use a tried and tested reverse osmosis process to remove impurities from water. Reverse osmosis is considered one of the most efficient mass market technologies for water purification available today.

Let's take up the concerns regarding the purity of bottled water now,

Method of storage

Bottled water is stored in large tanks which may or may not get cleaned regularly. Another fact that should be of concern is that, after packaging the water is stored in plastic bottles. These bottles are either stored in humid atmospheres or get exposed to harsh sunlight during transportation.

This may result in the development of bacterial and fungal elements inside or outside the bottles. The exposure to sunlight can also result in harmful plastic chemicals getting mixed in the packaged water.

Regardless to say, water from our home water purifier has no such exposures and remains fit for continuous consumption.

Cost per litre

If we do a cost per litre analysis of the water provided by a home RO water purifier and packaged drinking water, the packaged water can sometimes cost more than 300 times that of filtered water.

A threat to the Environment

The plastic bottles being discarded after drinking the packaged water are creating a massive garbage dump. Since, plastic doesn't decompose easily, the waste has created a huge problem for our environment and other life forms on the planet.

On the other hand, RO water purifiers dispense water without creating too much waste, the filters are often eco-friendly and recyclable, and the hard water disposed by RO's can be used for many household purposes.

For a cleaner and greener future, we must join hands to save water, one of the live giving elements on our planet. Using a clean source of water without polluting the environment will contribute to that cause, tremendously.

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