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Getting a continuous supply of clean drinking and cooking water for your metropolitan home

Jul 11, 2018

When you live in a large city, especially a large city in India, you are always hearing about one or other form of pollution. For example, Delhi is mostly in news for its redundant air quality, in Bangalore the lakes are being polluted, Mumbai is suffering from excessive rains and sewerage overflows. All these things make you worry about your and your family's health when you hear them, but then the hectic city life takes over and the matter slips from your mind — at least till the time you again hear about the pollution problem in print or TV or online media.

Water pollution is one such hotly debated topic that we come across once in a week or two. While the arguments against the problem are quite intense, the action is not so. You read about it, mention it to your family members, do WhatsApp and Facebook shares, but eventually end up without a firm decision. The main reason behind this is not the lack of a desire to do something, but the lack of a proper platform or community.

At Livpure, we are constantly trying to give individuals a platform to express their water wisdoms. Our campaigns are focussed on promoting the importance of water conservation and preservation, and our products and services provide clean drinking water to urban and rural households across the country. We have placed extensive testing and quality check protocols for our products to ensure long lasting performance and minimised maintenance costs. Perhaps that is the reason that Livpure water purifiers are among the best home RO water purifiers in India right now.

But there is more to the effort than simply selling a product. We want people who buy Livpure water purifiers to contribute their bit to the society by actively engaging in water wise practices. For we believe, that getting a continuous supply of clean drinking and cooking water for your metropolitan home should not be dependent on a product or service, it should be conscious effort from us all to save the precious resource called water.

To have a look at Livpure initiatives, visit our website and follow our blog posts.

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