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Hair Problems Caused by Dehydration and Unclean Water

May 24, 2018

By losing our touch with the nature, we have become prone to many health issues and lifestyle problems. Take for example the simple act of drinking water, most people are not drinking enough water on a daily basis, and so are suffering from numerous hydration related problems.

Moreover, even those who are having 6-8 glasses of water daily may be inadvertently drinking unclean water. The rising water pollution has left us clueless about the sources from which we can draw clean drinking water.

Hair problems are one of the common problems caused by drinking less water or unclean drinking water. If you are wondering, really? Then the answer is a yes.

Dry Hair

Like every body part, hair require nurturing and care to remain healthy. To have those flowing curls that cascade over your shoulders or handsomely cover your temple, you need to give them adequate water nutrition.

Water carries protein and minerals through our body, and when you drink a healthy dose of water everyday, your hair and skin retain their natural glow and colour.


One of the most common lifestyle problems faced by young adults these days is the dander that ruins their style statement. Dandruff is basically dead skin which crusts and falls from your head or beard. Generally, it is the lack of adequate moisture which causes excessive dandruff. By drinking your daily fill of water and using moisturising agents such as hair oils and lotions, you can make that dandruff go away.

Premature Ageing of Hair

Cases of skin problems, dryness of scalp or skin or grey hair are generally reported in areas where people consume unclean water from a local water body. By installing a home water purifier, you can ensure that you and your family are getting clean water for drinking and cooking.

RO water purifiers can remove impurities like carbonates and heavy metals from the water. Moreover, you can also go for an RO+UV water purifier to safeguard yourself from bacterial elements in the water.

Buying a Water Purifier

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