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Health & Beauty Benefits of Drinking Water & Staying Hydrated

Jun 20, 2017

Water seems to be the magic potion that can cure all your health and beauty problems. Drink water for great skin and hair, clean colon, better digestion, battle dehydration, weight loss, etc. The list is endless. Though underrated, water is the most important, cheapest and easily available source of nutrients. All you have to do is make sure that you finish every glass of water you drink so that you stay properly hydrated. Take up the Livpure Finish the Glass challenge and see how much water you drink in a day.

Purified water is the ideal option when it comes to drinking water because it’s purified in your presence and has all the essential minerals intact. Purified water heals your body, protects you against diseases and keeps your skin looking young and supple. Here are a few health and beauty benefits of drinking water and staying hydrated that you should know.

Health benefits of drinking water

Weight loss

Drinking water quickens your body’s calorie burning capacity. Numerous studies have suggested that people who drink more water tend to lose more weight when combined with controlled diet and vigorous workouts than people who drink less water.  Drinking a glass of purified water before having your meals helps curb your appetite. It makes you feel full and your calorie intake reduces. You eat less and hence, consume less number of calories leading to weight loss eventually.

Cures constipation

Water helps clear out toxins from your body. Drinking more water every day will help soften your stools and eventually get rid of your constipation problems.
Water seems to be the magic potion that can cure all your health and beauty problems. Drink water for great skin and hair, clean colon, better digestion, battle dehydration, weight loss, etc.
Drinking enough water will regulate your body’s temperature. Water retained in your body manifests itself as perspiration to cool you down and prevent you from becoming overheated. Proper hydration also helps to bring down high temperatures when you’re suffering from fever.

Lubricates your joints

Water acts as a great lubricant for your cartilage and joints. Water gets stored in the discs cores within the spine that creates a hydraulic property to support spinal joints and help support your upper body weight.

Relieves stress

Keeping yourself hydrated will also keep you away from stress. Water cools your body and helps regulate the flow of oxygen in tissues. Since your body is relaxed, you feel less stressed.
Beauty benefits of drinking water

Prevents ageing

Water keeps your skin hydrated and fights free radicals that help keep your skin youthful and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Clears acne and pimples


Another greatest benefit of drinking sufficient water is getting rid of acne and pimple breakouts. Water flushes out toxins from your body and gets rid of the microorganisms that cause the breakout. So, if you want to get rid of those pesky pimples, drink enough water.

Reduces hair loss


When you don’t drink enough fluids and especially water, your hair starts thinning and you face hair loss problems. Drinking enough water will help you retain your hair.

Strengthens your nails

Are you tired of getting manicure sessions and yet your nails break soon? Start drinking water and you may be able to solve the problem. Breaking nails can be a sign of dehydration. Water will help prevent dry and flaky cuticles.

Cures sunburn

Sometimes, you may get sunburnt even if you have applied sunblock. Water can provide relief in such cases. It speeds up the healing process and helps your skin recover from the damage caused by the UV rays.

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