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Here's how you can ensure your sweetheart breathes cleaner air everyday (WOMEN'S DAY SPECIAL)

Mar 01, 2017

What can be the best possible gift for your better-half on Women’s Day? Flowers, perfumes, chocolates, and every other traditional gift works just fine. But wouldn’t you want to make it special for her this year? When you truly care about someone, you give them the gift of better life - like pure water and clean air!

While you may think that environmental air pollution is the only thing killing you bit by bit, you may not be aware of your indoor air quality. We spend so much time inside our homes; so, it is a good idea to understand if the very air you breathe is good or not.

Indoor air can be five times more polluted than outdoor air. Poor air quality in your home threatens your family’s health. That’s why it’s important to keep your house well-ventilated and remove the contaminants that cause pollution.


Here’s how you can ensure that the women in your family and other members can breathe cleaner air every day.

1) Make your home a ‘no smoking’ zone

One of the most dangerous things that severely pollutes air is cigarette smoke. If we go by statistics, almost 400 people fall sick because of carbon monoxide poisoning from your ‘little filter buddy.’ Second-hand smoke makes thousands of children fall victim to respiratory tract infections. Apart from these horrendous statistics, it’s simply not good for you or your family’s health. So, make a pledge this Women’s Day to make your home a ‘no smoking’ zone. The important women in your life wouldn’t ask for a better gift!

2) Install a carbon monoxide detector

Carbon monoxide is harmful to your health. Protect yourself and your family by installing a carbon monoxide detector near your bedroom. Have all your fuel-burning appliances inspected by certified technicians once a year to ensure everything is fine.

3) Test for radon

Radon is a silent killer. It is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers. In fact, radon causes thousands of deaths annually. Getting your home checked for radon is an easy and inexpensive process. Getting rid of the gas can save lives.


4) Avoid paraffin candles

Love to light candles? Do you know they can smother you to death? If you really want that lovely glow, burn naturally sourced candles instead. Paraffin candles release petroleum by-products in the air. Opt for beeswax candles that burn clean and slowly. They also clear your air of toxic compounds. Isn’t a box full of beeswax candles a perfect way to express your love?

5) Clean your air conditioner and dehumidifiers

How long have you been nagged to clean the AC? Now would be the right time to do it and prove it to your better-half that you care about her. Standing water and high humidity encourage the growth of mites, mould and mildew in your home. Clean your air conditioner and dehumidifiers regularly to maintain good indoor air quality.

6) Say ‘I love you’ with plants!

Plants are natural purifiers. They’re also a great way of saying that you love your family and the environment. So, ditch those flowers and take a whole plant to your beloved instead. Plants like butterfly palm, lady palm, rubber tree, peace lily, chrysanthemum, English ivy, etc. are the perfect plants to keep indoors. They add elegance and charm to your house too.

7) Ventilate

Ventilation is the key to reduce air pollution. It is very important to encourage air circulation inside homes. You’ll need to pay special attention to the kitchen area because a single meal on a gas stove can produce high amounts of nitrogen dioxide.

8) When nothing else works, air purifiers do!

Air purifiers remove unwanted contaminants from the air. Choose from central air purifiers that cover your entire home and portable ones for your car. They reduce indoor air pollution to a great extent. Now, she might be surprised when you gift her an air purifier as a Women’s Day gift, but trust us; she’ll thank you for it.


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