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Housekeeping myths that keep your home dirty

Nov 27, 2017

When it comes to house cleaning practices, home owners generally rely on old remedies and internet searches for their cleaning problems. In some cases, they work great, but sometimes, due to half knowledge, they can create more problems. It’s time to trash some misconceptions about house cleaning that have been passed down from generations, yet produce no results, or worse, increase the work. Read on to save up on your time spent cleaning the house, and make it more effective.

Myth 1 – A broom and mop are better for cleaning as compared to vacuum cleaner.

Fact – A high performing vacuum, if used correctly, removes more dirt from hard floors and those tough-to-reach places. Vacuuming on hard floors also cuts down on the time it takes to clean them.

Myth 2 – Frequent vacuuming wears your carpets

Fact – On the contrary, frequent vacuuming helps protect and extend the life of your carpets, be it home or office. Because they can’t be cleaned up using a broom, your carpets keep accumulating the dust and grime from outside. This not only reduces the life of your carpets, but also affects the air quality of your space. One should vacuum their carpets at least once a week.

In addition to regular vacuuming of your carpets, make it a point to get your carpet cleaned professionally at least once a year.

Myth 3 – Tobacco smoke doesn’t have any effect on household air quality

Fact – Toxic chemicals from tobacco smoke stick to the room surfaces, carpets, walls and other surfaces, and continue to build up over time. The best way to fight third hand smoke is to never allow smoking indoors.

Myth 4 – Only pillows and bedding are at risk of containing dust mites

Fact – Dust mites can spread throughout the home. From beddings and pillows to your carpets, drapery and curtains, dust mites thrive anywhere they can find humid conditions. So, ensure that your house is ventilated to prevent the population of these home invaders.

Myth 5 – Vinegar cleans everything

Fact – Vinegar has been a go-to cleaning agent for home makers for years, owing to its incredible dirt removing super powers. But it’s effective only when you use it properly. A capful in a bucket of water doesn’t do much. Also, contrary to popular belief, the acids of vinegar can damage natural stone and wood surfaces.

Myth 6 – More soap means cleaner surface

Fact – More than the quantity of soap and detergent being used, it is the effectiveness that matters. Using more soap that required might leave a residue on your surfaces, which not only looks bad, but also attracts more bacteria and dirt.

Another common myth on house cleaning is that it’s just the surfaces that need to be spic and span. For a clean, healthy household, your indoor air quality needs to be free from impurities. And while a lot can be covered using the above tips, it is always a good idea to get an air purifier for your home. Think about it, when you make sure that your food and water is free from impurities, why not the air you breathe!

We hope that reading up on these common house cleaning myths makes you better prepared to fight the dust and dirt in your homes. You will not only save time cleaning up, but also improve the air quality of your home, giving your family 100% #SampurnaSuraksha all year round.

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