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How Air Pollution Affects the Severity of Winter Flu

Dec 11, 2017

On an average, one in five persons get sick with flu every year during the winter season. The number can be higher in offices and other indoor spaces where the flu virus gets transmitted easily. If you are living or working in a polluted environment, your chances of catching a flu infection is even higher. Not only that, polluted air can make the viral symptoms even more severe than usual.

Here is how air pollution turns ordinary bouts of flu into a more serious illness:

Acidic and Dust Particles that worsen the flu symptoms

acidic and dust particles screenshot

Studies have concluded that various air pollutants such as particulate matter 10, diesel exhaust fumes, nitric oxides, sulphur dioxide and ozone in your ambient air can cause the influenza virus to spread rapidly by deteriorating your immune system.

Also, pollutants in the air are a medium for influenza causing viruses to sustain themselves longer in the air, and thus travel much farther than their usual survival distance.

Pollutants causing imbalance in the body function

imbalance causing in the body function

When you inhale polluted air, the pollutants rub against the bronchial tubes, creating friction that causes inflammation or irritation similar to a flu attack. In response, the immune system falsely releases Cytokines to communicate to the body that certain chemicals need to be released in order to counter the virus.

These chemicals cause further discomfort because either there is no virus present or the virus is not as dominant as the immune system perceives.

A few steps you can take to avoid flu this winter

Air purifier by livpure to avoid flu

Flu is a contagious disease, therefore, completely safeguarding against it requires extra care of yourself and your loved ones. Here are a few steps you can follow as a precaution against winter flu.

  • Get yourself and your family members, especially the children and the seniors, vaccinated. This is one of the most effective protection against flu viruses.
  • Maintain proper hygiene at home and in your office to stop the spread of germs and viruses. You can also invest in a good air purifier for home or office as a protective measure. When looking for the best air purifier, buy online for some great deals and discounts.
  • Use herbal therapies and homemade water drinks to boost your immunity against viruses, eat and drink stuff with zinc and other micronutrients to step up your body's defences.

Staying healthy means you are able to maintain a constant work-life balance. At Livpure, we aspire to provide products which help our society in moving towards a brighter and healthier future.

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