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How Air Pollution Is Affecting Your Health Without You Knowing It!

Aug 28, 2017

The earth is presumably the only place in the universe which supports life. While there are countless people in the world emerging from diverse cultures and traditions, we still share everything among us in some way or the other as we use the same resources for our daily needs. The basic requirement of life is to be able to breathe, and the air around us provides us with the oxygen needed to sustain our lives.

However, there has been a degradation of the air quality recently. So much so that it has affected the biosphere in a detrimental way. The advancements in technology have helped us in many ways but with a con - pollution. The introduction of certain unwanted materials to the air we breathe has had far reaching effects on our bodies and on the human health in general.

Air pollution might be defined as the degradation of the quality of air that we breathe through the introduction of certain substances and compounds that deem the air unfit to take in. Some of the common pollutants in the air, such as lead, sulphur dioxide, asbestos and tobacco smoke have counterproductive effects on the human health as a whole. One of the most dangerous traits of these effects is that you might not even notice them. Air pollution is a silent killer and won’t let you know you are affected until the situation gets serious. It affects you slowly but steadily.

The effects of air pollution are far-reaching. Air pollution takes a toll on your overall health including your hair, skin, lungs as well as the heart. Read on to find out how the pollution affects your health without you even noticing it!


1) Effects of air pollution on hair

The extremely aggressive pollutants in the air surrounding us cause a great deal of damage to our hair quality, making it look thinner and dull. Air pollution can also be labelled as a factor of the many scalp diseases that are quite common nowadays. You might suffer from itching, redness, and inflammation of the scalp if your hair remains exposed to the polluted air for long. One of the most notorious effects of air pollution on our hair is that it causes dandruff which doesn’t leave you easily.  The result of all this is that you might get bald prematurely. As air pollution degrades the hair quality and promotes hair loss baldness becomes one of the most common consequences.


2) Effects of air pollution on skin

Air pollution has an adverse effect on the skin as well. Prolonged exposure to polluted air causes dryness of the skin and an eventual rupture of the epidermal layer, which in turn makes the skin more sensitive. Premature wrinkling is another effect that strikes us when we are exposed to the perils of air pollution. Over exposure to the harmful UV rays might burn down your skin and modify the melanin content, which in turn changes the skin tone. In extreme cases, exposure to these rays might even result in diseases such as melanoma or skin cancer.


3) Effects of air pollution on the lungs

Being exposed to the utterly polluted air for a prolonged period of time poses risks not only to the outside of the body but on the inside as well. One might develop some serious problems like asthma and other respiratory diseases over the course of time. Ground ozone is deadly, and being exposed to it for a mere 6 hours is enough to cause a decreased lung activity and increased lung inflammation. It goes without saying that the pollutants are mostly carcinogens and put us to an increased risk of cancer. One of the most common effects of air pollution is a continuous coughing and wheezing. Particle pollution poses a risk as heart problems are on a rise due to this.

Even after knowing the ill effects of air pollution on our health we can’t just stop breathing, can we? Since the earth is the only place where we can be and the air around us the only one that we can breathe, we need to think about corrective actions fast in order to secure a safe future for us and the generations to come.



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