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How drinking pure water helps you reduce weight

Apr 28, 2017

Water is a natural resource that has amazing health benefits. Drink water for great skin and hair, clean colon, better digestion, battle dehydration, and lose weight. The list is endless. Though underrated, water is one of the most important and easily available sources of nutrients.

Drinking water accelerates your body’s calorie burning capacity. Various studies have shown that people who drink more water tend to lose more weight when combined with controlled diet and vigorous workouts than people who drink less water. The quality of water is equally important. Purified water is your best option since it has all the essential minerals intact. If you’re trying to lose weight, you must drink at least 3-4 litres of water every day. Let’s take a look at how drinking pure water aids weight loss.

Curbs your appetite

Drinking a glass of purified water before having your meals helps curb your appetite. It makes you feel full, and your calorie intake reduces. You eat less and hence, consume less number of calories. In the longer run, it results in weight loss.

Boosts your energy levels

When you’re on a weight loss spree, you have to make sure that your energy levels are high. This way you can enjoy longer and intense workout sessions. You can also fight cravings such as snacks and carbonated beverages that are high in unhealthy calories. Water provides energy and oxygen to your body. It helps your internal organs, muscles, and joints function efficiently. Furthermore, it increases your concentration levels and helps you stay focused. All of these aspects help you with your weight loss goals.

Acts as a healthy supplement to other drinks

Instead of downing that energy drink or a mug of beer, drink more water. It contains no calories, and it satiates your thirst like no other drink. Energy drinks, readymade fruit juices, and other alcoholic beverages contain a high amount of calories that will jeopardise your weight loss goals. Stick to pure drinking water when you’re thirsty, and you’ll begin to notice the positive changes.

Increases your metabolism

Metabolism is the process that helps your body convert your food and drink into energy. A high metabolism rate burns fat faster, and water helps boost this process. With the increase in metabolism, your calories burn at a faster rate, and you lose weight quicker.

Helps during your workout sessions

Your workout sessions will have no effect if they leave you dehydrated. A good workout involves a lot of sweating. During the workout process, you lose water and essential nutrients from your body. These nutrients have to be replaced to help you perform consistently. Get more out of your workout sessions by sipping small amounts of water during regular intervals of time. Especially during summer, since the human body gets dehydrated faster it’s vital that you’re always well hydrated.

Pay attention to your water intake if you’re serious about weight loss. On a daily basis, drink the recommended amount of water that’ll help you get closer to your fitness goals.

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