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How gravity-based water purifiers work?

May 04, 2018

Gravity based water purifiers are a widely used home product in India. The lower price point and the fact that these water purifiers work without electricity are two reasons behind their popularity in Indian homes and offices.

Filters used in Gravity-Based Water Purifiers

Gravity water purifiers come with several filters. The two main filters are the activated carbon filter and UF filter.

Activated Carbon Filter is made from small carbon granules which absorb impurities present in water as it passes through. The Ultra Fine Filter on the other hand has a membrane made of hollow fibres. When water passes through this membrane, the impurities stick to the hollow fibres.

The actual Process of Filtration in a Gravity-Based Water Purifier is of course through gravitational pull. The water purifier has two compartments which sit one above another. The upper compartment stores the tap water and the lower compartment stores the purified water and has a dispenser tap. The filters are placed between the two compartments, so the water in upper compartment is pulled downwards due to gravity and gets purified. Normally, a micro fibre mesh is also present between the two compartments and filters to remove larger impurities before the water gets filtered through the activated carbon or UF filter.

Effectiveness of Gravity-Based Water Purifiers

A gravity-based water purifier provides low cost protection from water pollution and is also an ideal alternative to boiling water in areas where there are frequent power cuts. Moreover, if you have a running water supply, then a gravity-based water purifier can be an ideal buy, as the possibility of mixed inorganic compounds like arsenic are greatly reduced.

A polisher module in gravity based water purifiers also removes chemicals like chlorine (added by municipal water works), thus making the water clean for drinking and cooking.

Buying Gravity-Based Water Purifier

Several brands offer gravity based water purifiers in India. Livpure is one of the leading Indian water purifier brands and offers several products for home water purification. If you are looking for a water purifier online, visit the Livpure Products Page to know more about the features of gravity-based and RO water purifiers.

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