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How Often Do We Need to Service a Water Purifier Compared to the Livpure Water Purifier

Aug 29, 2017

With the ever-rising pollution of water, it is becoming increasingly difficult for us to find potable water that won’t affect our health. The scarcity of potable together with the pollution of already scarce resources has seen the rise of a market of water purifiers. In this highly competitive market, picking out a brand that assures you trust and quality of service is not an easy task.

Total Dissolved Solids, or TDS, is a quantity that measures the sum total of all the organic as well as inorganic dissolved substances generally found in water. During general water testing, it is the TDS quantity in the water that gives an insight into the feasibility of making the water potable.

When we talk about TDS, we invariably take into account compounds like arsenic, fluorides, and nitrates. These are harmful to the human body and must be removed to make it potable. The Indian standard for TDS is BIS 10500-1991. As per the points laid out by this standard, the ideal portable water should contain a TDS level of 500 mg/l. The maximum permissible quantity is 2000 mg of TDS per litre of water which means the water is safe to drink up to this level, although it is sure to taste terrible!

TDS concentration in potable water is one of the most important things to look after as higher concentration of dissolved solids might give rise to a variety of health problems such as gallbladder inflammation, heart problems, and even cancer. While you have no control over the TDS concentration of normal tap water, you can kill microbes by boiling it. However, it doesn’t act as a TDS inhibitor and ruins the taste of water. The most efficient method of handling and maintaining the TDS levels in water is to buy a good water purifier that you can trust without hesitation. And when you speak of trust and quality, look no further than Livpure water purifiers.

Livpure uses state-of-the-art technologies to construct advanced purification systems that take care of all your potable water problems. From handling TDS to preserving its taste, Livpure water purifiers are the best in the market and come with various technologies for purifying the water. With their UV, RO and Smart technologies, just sit back and relax without stressing about the quality of water you consume.

 Apart from the quality of purification, the one thing that clearly makes Livpure water purifiers stand out is their service. The company gives a 1-year warranty to its customers against any manufacturing defects that may arise during the time. You also get to avail two free preventive maintenance visits by their authorised service engineers within 365 days of the purchase. While other brands might also hand out the same, it is the quality of service that makes Livpure stand out.

Taking the case of an RO purifier, Livpure’s carbon filter and RO membrane have better longevity than its counterparts. The main reason behind Livpure’s rise as a quality water purifying brand is that the purifiers don’t need to be serviced as often as their counterparts do. Higher levels of TDS make it necessary for normal purifiers to get serviced in a couple of months.

Livpure’s state-of-the-art technology makes it work great for a good 4 months before requiring servicing.  To sum up, Livpure’s water purifiers have more longevity than its counterparts do. Longevity combined with quality certainly propels it to be the first-choice brand for people looking for a quality water purifier that they can afford and maintain for long.

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