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How Plastic Pollution Is Affecting Our Food And Water

Aug 24, 2018

You might have heard about the plastic bans that are coming into effect in various states and cities these days. If you are wondering what the fuss is all about, then you should know that plastic waste is among the largest sources of environmental pollution today.

But is all plastic bad?

No, as with every man-made object, there is a quality ladder for the plastic we use as well. Good quality plastics are used in smart home products, vehicles and other items of daily use. But large scale demand for packaging has given rise to the production of poor quality plastics as well. Two main examples are polythene bags and plastic bottles used for packaged drinking water and soft drinks. These plastic items not only affect the environment when thrown away carelessly but can also spoil the quality of food and drinks which we consume.

Effect of plastic on food

Have you ever noticed the taste of food that you bring home in a parcel is always a little different than the one you consume at an eating joint?

If yes, then you know what we are talking about.

Plastic containers are lightweight and easy to carry around but they are not very good for storing hot food items. As we know, heat is a catalyst for chemical reactions and heating a plastic object melts it. So, when you store hot food in a plastic container, the heat might not be intense enough to melt it, but it may cause a chemical reaction. Which in turn allows some of the plastic elements to mix in your food and spoils the taste.

Furthermore, certain types of plastic composites are known carcinogens, therefore it is better to use steel or glass containers as your daily lunchbox.

Effect of plastic on water

In a similar scenario, we often buy packaged drinking water and soft drinks that come in plastic bottles. While we buy these drinks, thinking that they are safe to drink, the reverse might be true in some cases.

When plastic bottles containing beverages are stored in open environments, like under direct sun, the same chemical reactions that affects hot food stored in plastic boxes can occur in these bottles too. Thus, ruining the chemical composition of the packaged drinking water and soft drinks.

That's why we recommend that you avoid using plastic containers to carry food and use good quality water bottles to carry your water instead of buying packaged drinking water. You can buy a home water purifier instead to ensure that your water bottle is always filled with fresh and clean drinking water.

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