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How pure is the drinking water at your kids' school?

Apr 08, 2017

At home, you always make sure that your children are consuming clean and pure water. It should be the same at their school as well. However, in many schools across India, many pupils still consume unhealthy and unclean water. Simultaneously, children at school don’t drink the adequate amount of clean water as well. This results in dehydration, having trouble concentrating in class, low levels of energy, and digestion problems. Therefore, it proves that clean and purified water plays a significant role in your children’s health.

What are the benefits of drinking purified water?

Our body is made up of 70% of water. Water carries oxygen and essential nutrients through our bloodstream and ensures that our tissues and vital organs perform at their best level.

Lack of water in your body can lead to dehydration, headaches, and feeling unenergetic. You’ll also feel weak, dizzy and have muscle spasms. In certain scenarios, patients suffering from hypertension and asthma experience an aggravated outbreak.

What happens with contaminated or unsafe water?

A dirty water pump is a source of toxins and harmful contaminants. The repeated consumption of impure water will shut down your vital organs and weaken your immune system.

Most common problems that arise after consuming impure water are diarrhoea, typhoid fever, vomiting and nausea. Apart from these conditions, viral hepatitis and cholera are some of the hazardous diseases associated with impure water. Cholera is due to a bacterial infection in the small intestine which leads to expulsion of nutrients and vomiting. Dehydration also occurs due to loss of nutrients and water from the body. The presence of arsenic in water causes Arsenicosis. It affects the kidneys, lungs, blood vessels, bladder and leads to reproductive problems.

In India, about 2% of the people are affected by hepatitis C and 3% suffer from hepatitis B. Both hepatitis B and C affect the liver. Also, fluoride in water leads to depression and weight gain. Another major problem because of the impurities in water is diphtheria. It’s a bacterial infection that affects the nose, throat and skin.

How will your children benefit with a water purifier installed at their school?

1. Elimination of harmful elements

Harmful toxins are eliminated through proven and effective water purification stages. Secondly, contaminants are filtered and harmful germs are removed as well.

2. Addition of essential nutrients

Research shows the different stages of purification help eliminate the mineral deposits that are initially present in water. Purification also enhances the number of nutrients that are beneficial to your body. Overall, clean water will decrease the stress load on your kidneys and help your body function better.

3. Removal of rusty taste

Usually, water that comes through a regular water pump will have a rusty taste. Your water will taste better after the purification process. A high-quality water purifier will efficiently clean the water and eliminate the unwanted taste.

In today’s competitive world, your children are growing up fast. They will need your help to succeed in academics or sports. For that, they need to be healthy, both mentally and physically. Along with their regular diet, you need to help them inculcate the healthy habit of consuming clean water on a daily basis. Remind them of the numerous health benefits associated with clean and pure water.

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