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How RO water purifiers protect you from Arsenic contamination?

Nov 08, 2017

Arsenic is a naturally occurring element which is present in a large number of minerals that form the earth's crust. Arsenic is a semiconductor and thus, has wide application in the electronics industry as well.

However, the presence of arsenic in minerals and rocks, make it likely to mix with water from natural and man-made sources. Plants also contain arsenic due to their bio system's dependence on water. Arsenic contamination, over acceptable levels, is quite harmful to living beings and can lead to many serious health issues.

Several governmental and non-profit organisations have noted the rising levels of arsenic in our food and beverages due to environmental pollution.

Arsenic contamination in your home's water supply

There are several ways arsenic can mix up in your community's drinking water source.

Arsenic is widely used in pesticide, medical equipment, alloying, and military industries. This means it gets disposed of as a waste product as well. Industrial water pollution of rivers, lakes, groundwater, and other natural sources of water can result in arsenic contamination in your water supply.

Arsenic contamination in our water sources can also result from a natural concentration of arsenic, such as in river basins or near groundwater deposits. This causes the river or groundwater to have inherent arsenic contamination.

Many river basins in northern India such as the Gangetic plains the Brahmaputra basin are witnessing a rise in natural and man-made arsenic contamination.

Effects of arsenic exposure

Arsenic can cause short-term health issues such as abdominal cramps, diarrhoea, vomiting and mental disorders.

In the long term, arsenic contamination in your food and beverages can result in disfiguring of skin, chronic abdominal pain, heart problems and even cancer, since arsenic is a known carcinogen.

Use of RO water purifiers to remove arsenicUse of RO water purifiers to remove arsenic

RO water purifiers are used in homes and offices all over the globe to improve the quality of water for drinking and cooking.

The reverse osmosis process is one of the most efficient water purifying techniques today. It is considered better than most water purifying methods due to its reliability and cost-effectiveness. Home RO water purifiers can remove a number of contaminants from your local drinking water supply, including arsenic.

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