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How safe is the water supply in Delhi?

May 11, 2018

In the times of rising environmental pollution, this is a very important question for the people living in the national capital region – which comprises Delhi and the major cities nearby. Availability of clean drinking water is not only critical from a health perspective but is also an important factor driving the productivity of the people in an urban commercial centre like Delhi.

According to an earlier report by the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, almost 70% of water samples collected from different parts of the city failed the purity test. A former head of the MCD's public health committee stated that at least 20% people in Delhi are drinking impure water as per Indian water safety standards.

The supply of water in New Delhi is the responsibility of the Delhi Jal Board. This water is supplied by water tankers and an ageing network of pipes, which is perennially susceptible to pollution.

Algal growth and related contaminations are one of the major reason for water pollution in Delhi, especially during the monsoon season. Another reason is the parallel installation of water supply and sewage pipes in Delhi, which in event of leakages can cause water pollution in an entire locality.

Getting a Home Water Purifier

If you are a permanent resident of Delhi-NCR, buying a home water purifier is the best option for getting clean drinking water for your household. Also, when buying a water purifier for home in Delhi, make sure that you buy the latest RO + UV water purifiers. These water purifiers use reverse osmosis to remove harmful inorganic compounds and ultra violet filtration to kill off micro-organisms that originate from algal growth.

Livpure offers the latest RO + UV water purifiers with a promise of prompt installation and maintenance services. Visit your nearest retailer or buy water purifier online to protect your family from water pollution in Delhi.

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