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How Smart Home Technology Companies are Transforming Communities

Jun 05, 2018

When we talk corporate social responsibility, there is a unique segment of companies which have been consistently contributing to the CSR initiatives not only with charity funds, but also with their products and campaigns. These companies are the makers of smart home products which give us a healthier lifestyle and protect us from the ill effects of environmental change.

For example, Livpure, one of the leading manufacturers of air purifiers and water purifiers in Indian has been continuously running campaigns to push communities and people into action against the menace of environmental pollution. The company has recently launched a drive for saving leftover water in glasses and water bottles.

Frankly, such initiatives are needed by our society to wake up to the very real challenges of man-made environmental change we are facing today. Furthermore, it is also laudable that these smart home technology companies are pushing for a healthier life through their product portfolio.

If we once again take the example of Livpure, the company has been at the forefront of the charge against air pollution in metro cities of India. Recognising the urgent need to act against the indoor air pollution, the company has produced a line of air purifiers at every price point possible. Furthermore, the company has already gained a huge foothold in the water purifier market through its feature rich and competitively priced RO water purifier range.

Ultimately, it will take a conscientious effort from the government, the corporate bodies and the society for fully adopting sustainable technologies. Many other companies are paving the way with smart home lighting solutions, solar energy grids and use of smart grids for power distribution. The Internet of Things or IoT as it is popularly called is the way forward for communities to connect and contribute to a greener, cleaner future, and smart home companies like Livpure are already laying that foundation.

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