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How to care for your elderly family members during winters

Nov 23, 2017

Winters bring with them piping hot dishes and cozy gatherings around our hearths. In the meanwhile, the seasonal change also brings along a slew of health issues, especially for the elderly. Here we have a checklist of things you should not forget to do for your grandma and grandpa’s health and well-being during winters.

Make sure they are having proper meals

Elderly members have specific dietary needs, such as low on fat and less spicy foods and sugar-free beverages. Wintertime culinary temptations such as Gazar ka Halwa, Khoye ke Laddu and other homemade snacks can affect their health, because even a small deviation from their routine diet can cause prolonged discomfort and health issues for them.

Protecting the elderly from air pollution

Seniors also have weaker lungs and a lowered immunity from diseases, this makes them susceptible to flus and influenza attacks during winters. The increase in airborne particulate matter and noxious elements during winters can also prompt underlying respiratory and heart issues to resurface as well.

Take adequate measures for their protection from air pollution by consulting with the family physician. You can also buy face masks and install an air purifier in their room as a pre-emptive step.

Ensuring a regular water intake for the elderly

Water provides calorie free nourishment and hydration. You should make sure that your grandparents have a bottle of warm water by their side during winters. Warm water has several health benefits for the elderly, such as regulating body temperature, keeping the joints and muscles relaxed, and helping with digestion of food.

Warm clean water from an RO water purifier can be very beneficial for the health of your entire family in colder weather conditions.

Protecting seniors during snowfalls

If you happen to live in an area where snowfall is common during winter months, you should ensure that the senior members of your family have adequate clothing and heating available. Ideally, have someone accompany them while going out, as the roads and surfaces become slippery and may pose an injury hazard.

Comment below and let us know if you have any more tips for the safety of seniors during winters. Follow our Livpure Sampurna Suraksha blogs for more tip and life hacks by clicking here: www.livpure.in/blog.

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