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How to clean the air inside your home, naturally

Jun 06, 2018

Indoor air needs to be ventilated from time to time.

Since modern homes are more or less closed spaces due to the air-conditioning and heating measures, the air inside our homes and office can get excessively polluted.

Here are a few factors which cause indoor air pollution,

  • Particulate matter or very fine dust particles which are caused by constant grinding of dirt.
  • Gases like carbon monoxide and nitrous dioxide, which are released from vehicles and kitchen’s gas burners.
  • Noxious compounds which are released by adhesives, paints and computer equipment.
  • Volatile organic compounds.

There are a few natural ways which can help you clean the indoor air,

  • Opening the doors and windows in the early morning hours when the air is fresher.
  • Using exhaust fans, chimneys and other ventilation measures to ensure that the indoor air is circulated regularly.
  • Placing indoor plants around the house.
  • Ensuring cross ventilation when finalising a new building plan, such as having balconies/verandahs on either side of the flat or house.

Using Air Purifiers

While some may argue that an air purifier is not a natural means for cleaning indoor air, the very function of a HEPA air purifier can counter this claim. An air purifier with a HEPA filter simply passes the indoor air through a number of absorbing materials which work in similar way to natural absorbents such as indoor plants. The fibrous HEPA filter can remove 99.9% of fine pollutants from the air without causing any side effect on the environment, thus, if not natural, we can still call it an environment friendly way of cleaning indoor air.

Buying an air purifier for home will certainly help you and your family members breathe easier. Use the natural measures of cleaning indoor air with a scientific innovation like home air purifier and you will get maximum natural protection from air pollution.

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