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How To Eat Healthy In A Hectic Professional Life?

Aug 23, 2018

We understand that it might be difficult to keep track of your fitness when you have a busy work-life schedule. However, most of the times, not eating a healthy diet can take a toll on our health. We may not realise the effects immediately but in the long run, the side effects become quite apparent as we begin losing our productivity streaks.

The key to stay healthy is to have a balanced die, every day. In this post we are sharing some really simple steps to maintain your health with your diet.

Have a nutritious breakfast

Most people start their day with light eating, this leaves them gasping for food by the time lunch break arrives or prompts un-healthy eating in-between meals which kills their appetite for the next one. So instead of eatingg frugally, have a breakfast that keeps you energised till lunch.

Keep it light and simple

Lunch is what's going to power you up for the rest of the day, so make sure that what you are eating is healthy. Green and leafy veggies are the best. Also, avoid eating too many fried things which may result in a tummy upset. Once again, eat the amount that will comfortably see you through to dinner.

Hight Tea

You thought we missed it, didn't you? No we did not, but high team for office goers is another time when unhealthy food habits can get hold. So, limit your evening tea time to some glucose biscuits and the beverage of your choice (tea or coffee).

A light dinnner

Your body requires less energy when you are sleeping, so eating a light dinner will ensure that your metabolism is not overworked in trying to digest the seven course meal you are in the habit of eating. We know it is relics to have hpiping hot home food after a day's work, but try to keep things light at the dinner table. Some pulses and beans will be say to digest and gove you a sound sleep.

Drink water

Now its all been about eating so far but one thing that you should be doing throughout the day is to drink more water than you are used to. Your body requires 6-8 lites of water every day, and here we mean your healthy body. So take your fill abundantly. If the water quality in your area is not so good then consider buying a water purifier. You don't have to go for something that is out of your budget, a simple gravity based water purifier will do just fine in most cases. If the water in your areas is really polluted, then consider an RO water purifier.

Water helps in transporting the energy from the cfood to your body cells so Iit is important in that way too. Plus clean dcooking water ensures that your food is healthy and nutritious.

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