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How to ensure a safe Diwali for your kids

Oct 19, 2017

Every household is busy with Diwali preparations these days –  from cleaning our homes to doing the festive shopping, it’s ‘Mission Diwali 2017’ in full swing. And the kids just love it- roaming around the house, feeling all-important, doing the little tasks you hand them. But with Diwali and crackers comes the concern for their safety and we frequently find ourselves asking them to stay clear of hazardous places.

Here we are sharing some sampurna suraksha tips that will make your kids safer and help you enjoy a worry-free celebration of the festival of lights.

  1. Use safer lighting for your home

This is perhaps the primary concern among parents since kids can accidentally touch an open wire or light source out of sheer curiosity. You can hire a professional electrician instead of the usual DIY to ensure that the earthing is done properly and remains away from your kid's reach.

  1. Store crackers and combustibles safely

This is another essential for Diwali preparations. Kids can sometimes start accidental fires in enthusiasm to burst crackers and end up hurting themselves. Hence, keep the crackers and other combustibles in such a place which where they are safe from fire hazards (as you will be lighting a lot of diyas and lamps).

Also, avoid completely filling the diyas with oil, as it might cause spilling and slippery floors.

      3. Buy age-appropriate crackers

Do not give in to your kids' demand for overtly dangerous crackers. Only buy age-appropriate crackers from recognised brands. This can very likely ensure your child's safety.

Also, dress your kids in close-fitting clothes made from thick material instead of sequins and loose fitting clothes, which catch fire easily.

     4. Keep first aid handy

Ensure that you have a bucket of water and a first aid kit nearby when bursting crackers. This will help you in reacting to any untoward incident without panic and uncertainty.

    5. Ensure a healthy diet

Diwali is the time for us to binge on sweets and snacks. While it is okay to have more than usual of the outside stuff, make sure your kid is taking his nutrients as well. Too much of unhealthy food can make them sick and spoil the festive mood.

We hope that you and your family has a safe and happy Diwali. You can also help us improve this page by leaving suggestions in the comments.

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