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How to improve air ventilation in your home

Apr 28, 2017

Do you often fall ill in spite of taking good care of your health? Chances are that your indoor air is making you sick. We are so obsessed with the levels of pollution outdoors that we forget about our indoor air quality. Air can circulate freely in outdoor spaces but not so much indoors. As a result smoke, dust and other toxic chemicals get trapped in our houses and make us sick.

If your home is not ventilated properly, it will be filled with stale air and a variety of foul smells. If your indoor air quality is bad, you’ll even find mildew growing on the walls. This can result in health problems such as allergies, asthma, dizziness, infections and chronic illnesses. Here, we list various ways by which you can improve the ventilation in your house. 

1) Don’t keep your AC on at all times

People in urban areas are so used to living in air conditioned environments all the time that they don’t realise the dangers it poses to their health. Turn on the air conditioner when you feel very hot or you’re going to sleep. Switch it off at other times and let fresh air come in.

2) Get wicker or bamboo furniture

You may think it’s an absurd idea, but did you know these materials encourage better air flow in your home because of their low heat retention quality and airy construction? Wicker and bamboo furniture aren’t just suitable for your patio, you can use them indoors as well for the sake of your health.

3) Keep your windows open for as long as possible

If you have two sets of windows in two different directions and sections, keep them open for cross ventilation. This way air can enter from one end and leave the other. This will also help you cool your house naturally.

4) Pay attention to your kitchen ventilation in particular

If you spend a considerable amount of time in the kitchen, you must be very careful about the ventilation. Cooking releases a lot of vapour and if it is trapped inside, it can be toxic to your health. Install an exhaust fan or a chimney in your kitchen to ensure that the vapours don’t remain trapped in your kitchen. If you don’t want to invest in any of these options, make sure the windows of your kitchen are always open when you’re cooking.

5) Ensure your bathroom is well ventilated

The chances of cross ventilation in your bathroom are minimal, and the chance of foul smells and germs is highest in there. In such a case, you can install an exhaust fan to ensure the odours don’t stagnate there.

Even if you purchase an air purifier, keeping your house ventilated is necessary. Use these tricks to naturally ventilate your home for good.

6) Invest in an air purifier

You can improve the quality of air in your home by investing in a superior quality air purifier. It will get rid of dust particles, pet odours, dander, pollen and other allergens so that you and your family get to breathe clean and pure air at all times.


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