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How to keep your home clear of pollutants this Diwali

Oct 19, 2017

While Diwali brings a lot of joy and celebratory fervor with it, it also spikes the pollutants in the air. These pollutants can trigger allergic reactions and bring about of flu to ruin the festive mood.

Today, we are sharing some quick sampurna suraksha tips which can help you secure your home from indoor air pollution.


  1. Close the doors and windows: Probably a no-brainer, this is the first thing you should do, especially in the evenings when the pollution levels rise due to crackers and increased traffic.

PM pollutants can freely enter your home during the festive season as doors are usually kept open for welcoming guests. You can use glass doors or curtains to minimise the entry of pollutants if you have a huge social circle and regular visitors.

  1. Buy a home air purifier: While air purifiers were considered a niche product several years back, they have become a necessity in today's overly polluted environment. If you have been holding off buying an air purifier for your home for a while, you can take this opportunity and avail a cool festive discount on your purchase.

Air purifiers remove PM pollutants and gaseous particles from the ambient air, making you and your loved ones safe from the rising air pollution.

  1. Ventilate homes early in the morning: While we did advise against keeping your house open during daytime and in the evenings, letting in fresh morning air is a good idea. You can use exhaust fans and open windows to freshen up your house in early morning for a respite from indoor air pollution.


        4. Keep your house clean: While we do initiate the festive season with house cleaning, it is also important to do a thorough scrubbing to remove the pollutants that might have settled inside your home. It will also save you from allergies and respiratory problems that keep coming back even after the cracker celebrations are long over.


  1. Wear a face mask: Air pollution also raise the chances getting flu, and since it is an airborne virus, it can enter your house via a family member. Wearing a face mask to protect yourself when going out and ensuring that you are not carrying any harmful bacteria when you return.


Concluding thoughts

We are now entering a phase where the pollution levels are going to rise on a short term, and buying a home air purifier can be a prudent investment. Festive seasons like Diwali and Holi prompt a rise in air and water pollution across the country and adopting eco-friendly ways is the way for a secure future for you and your loved ones.

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