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How to keep your Kids and Pets safe this Diwali

Oct 16, 2017

Diwali is one festival that many look forward to and initiate the preparations for days in advance. Be it painting homes, purchasing gifts, new clothes to renovating interiors, no stone is left unturned to make this festival a grand affair. What else, the lights give that extra glitter to the festival. 

However, we often forget that Diwali is not only about the lights and the colours but also the sounds and smell. With the soothing fragrance of flowers, delicacies and perfumes to the sounds of hymns being chanted in the background, what a setting it makes for! However, the famous proverb that says, “too much of anything is bad”, applies here too. How, you ask?

The noise pollution and sound pollution that is caused by fire-crackers certainly wreck a havoc with not only our organs but also those of our kids, elders and pets. Some of these crackers are so loud that they can cause permanent hearing damage. So, the big question that arises is that what could be done in a bid to avoid all the above mentioned complications with 100% Sampurna Suraksha. 

Here are some tips to keep your loved ones safe this Diwali.

1) Opt for the noiseless fire-crackers if you really must burst them. 

2) Raise awareness amongst your friends, family members and neighbours about the harmful effects of bursting fire-crackers.

3) Don’t let others take fire-crackers or sparklers near your young ones or pets. 

4) Always have an adult supervise young ones while bursting crackers. 

5) Ensure that your baby and pets wear ear protection.

6) Avoid ear protection (ear plugs) that can damage your baby’s ear canal. 

7) Keep windows and doors of the house shut during the period when fire-crackers are being burst. 

Diwali is a really a festival worth cherishing with your friends, family and other loved ones. Taking a few precautions will ensure that everyone basks in festive spirit and live #TheLivpureLife. 

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