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How Water Provides Calorie-free Nutrition

May 16, 2018

It is a fact that we cannot survive beyond one week without drinking water. The muscles in our body are made of 75 percent water. Water contains zero calories in itself and yet it plays an important role in keeping our body healthy and is an important part of our daily nutrition.

The importance of water has prompted modern households to use RO water purifiers for a regular supply of clean drinking and cooking water.

What are Calories?

A calorie is a unit of energy derived from food. Our body uses calories as fuel, enabling our day to day functioning. Every food item or beverage we consume has a calorie count; which depends on the fats, carbohydrates and proteins contained in that particular food or beverage. A gram of fat has 9 calories, a gram of carbohydrates will have 4 calories and a gram of protein will also have 4 calories in it. Consuming excess calories results in weight gain.

Calorie-free Nutrition from Water

Water has no fats, carbs or proteins in it, so there are no calories as well. However, water works as a transporting agent for oxygen, nutrients and wastes to and from the body cells. Therefore, even without providing calories, water is important for nutrition as it distributes the energy from food throughout our body.

Water also helps in cooling down or warming the body by regulating metabolic activity. When we are out in the sun, our bodies begin to sweat for cooling down the body and when we are cold, we suffer from dry skin as water is being used in increased metabolic functions to keep us warm.

Consuming Calorie-free Water

Health and nutrition experts suggest that calorie-free water should constitute 50-80 percent of our daily fluids consumption. Clean drinking water from a home water purifier is one of the best sources of zero calorie water as it removes impurities and organic matter from the water.

Other Benefits

Apart from offering calorie-free nutrition water also has several other benefits such as lubrication for our joints, and protecting our organs from shock.

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