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Importance of hydration while you exercise

Nov 01, 2017


When exercising for less than an hour, have water breaks every 15 minutes. Drink small amounts of water in sips.Water is an essential component of our daily diet. It helps in regulating our body temperature, transporting nutrients, removing waste material, digestion, and maintaining our joints. Staying hydrated keeps us active and helps in maintaining long-term fitness.

The importance of drinking water only increases when we are working out in gym or out for a morning jog.

Sweating lowers our body's water level

Our body sweats a lot during workouts. This is due to an increase in our body's temperature. Our biological function tries to normalise the body temperature by releasing water for a cool down. Thus, we end up losing a lot of water present in our system.

Effects of high protein diets

High protein diets require extra water for digestion and thus can dehydrate us faster during workouts. This is especially true if you are an athlete and take these nutrients during gym session breaks.

Several side effects can arise from severe dehydration post workout, like

• Drowsiness, weariness or even nausea.

• Impact of mental performance resulting in negative effect on memory, mood swings, and impairment of motor function.

• Cramps and seizure of muscles, and 

• Stressed cardiac functioning and imbalance in body temperature.


How much water should you drink during workouts?

The exact amount depends on a number of factors such as the amount of physical activity you are performing, the duration of your workout sessions and most importantly the climatic conditions - hot, cold, or humid.

Consult your physician for the amount of water your body will require. However, there are some general guidelines which you can follow to stay hydrated before, during, and after workouts:

• Have about 500 ml of water a few hours before you start training.

• Drink 250 ml of water 10-20 minutes before starting your exercises.

• When exercising for less than an hour, have water breaks every 15 minutes. Drink small amounts of water in sips.

• If your routine includes more than an hour in gym, ensure that you enrich your water with electrolytes and carbohydrates.

• Have another 500 to 600 ml of water after resting a while when you exit your workout. You can weigh yourself before and after the workout to determine the amount of water you have lost, and replenish accordingly.

Importance of clean water

It is very important that the water you ingest during your workout comes from a clean source. If you are used to carrying your own supply, buy an RO water purifier to have a continuous source of clean water. You can also inspire your gym management to install an RO water purifier for everyone's benefit.

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