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India Has Some Of The Most Urban Environments, Here's A Guide To Protect Yourself

Sep 04, 2018

India City - urban environment

A recent list of world's most polluted cities unsurprisingly had a lot of Indian names. The reason is anybody's guess, our cities have never been known for their clean infrastructure and robust municipal services. However, the government has launched some ambitious programmes in recent years to emphasise a cleaner and greener India.

Regardless, if you are living in an Indian metropolis or a tier-2 city, chances are that the urban air pollution is taking a toll on your and your family's health. Polluted air, unclean drinking water and lack of adequate nutrition are some of the major health concerns faced by city dwellers in the Indian sub-continent.

The major reasons behind urban air pollution are vehicular emissions, coal power plants, industrial emissions and dust from infrastructure development. Water resources also face similar threats from dumping of chemicals in local water bodies, excessive use of pesticides in farming which in turn pollutes ground water, and lack of proper municipal infrastructure for conservation and preservation of perennial sources of water.

The priority, therefore, is to ensure your family's health and well being by utilising smart home technologies that can minimise the effects of environmental pollution.

RO Water Purifiers

Some years back home water purifiers were considered a luxury product by most people, not anymore. The very real threat of pollution has made them one of the must by home products in large cities. RO filtration ensures that all impurities are removed from you water supply and some brands like Livpure water purifiers also offer RO+UV filtration to make the water even more safe for cooking and drinking.

Home Air Purifiers

Another home product which is being rapidly adopted by urban home owners is the air purifier. The exponential rise in metropolitan air pollution has made people realise that home air purifiers are not a gimmick. The HEPA air purifiers are the most effective in removing dust, dander and VOCs from an ambient space like your bedroom or living room. If you are looking for a good air purifier brand in India; Livpure air purifiers come with low noise fans, best quality HEPA filters and all India after sales service.

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