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Insufficient hydration is the reason why you keep feeling inactive all the time

Jun 27, 2018

Ever had that sudden lethargic feeling during summers when you just want to lie down? Feeling inactive even after having three square meals a day and keeping up with daily exercise routine might be caused by a lack of water in your system.

The recommended daily dose of water for a healthy adult body is 6-8 glasses. While most people are not drinking that much water daily but they are drinking somewhere near that amount. However, there are people who are ignoring their body's water needs drastically, which ultimately cause health problems.

Water is known for providing nutrition without adding any extra calories to your system. Now, you might ask that how is it possible since calories are basic energy units required by our body just like the carbon fuel used in a car or bus. Well, water is actually a facilitator for energy. So, the meals that you eat are first digested and then taken to your cells through the bloodstream. When the cells begin to break the energy from the food for consumption and functioning, water acts as the normaliser, regulating body temperature and moisture. When you are not drinking water at regular intervals, you may have noticed that your tongue goes dry, it is because of the water in your body being used up.

When you do not drink adequate amounts of water for extended periods like days or weeks, the body starts to feel the effects of water scarcity at an even more severe level. Dry skin, hair loss, and an inactive feeling are some of the side effects which are commonly perceivable.

The remedy?

Well, the remedy to this problem is the most simple thing in the world, drinking more water. However, drinking more water means drinking clean water as well. In a country like India, where the municipal supply networks are already creaking under the weight of 1.2 billion citizens, it might be a little hard to have continuous access to clean water.

What you can do instead of relying on your municipal water provider for getting clean water is, go buy a home water purifier. RO water purifiers are the most commonly used home water filtration products in India. They are cost-effective and provide a comprehensive cover against inorganic matter like Arsenic and metals in the water.

RO water purifiers are available from various companies in India. You can have a look at some of the best offerings at the Livpure online water purifier portal by visiting www.livpure.in

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