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Interesting Facts About The Water We Drink

Dec 13, 2017

drinking water

Drinking water is such a simple, daily task. Yet, there are so many benefits of drinking water that people are still unaware about. That is why we bring you 14 facts about the water you drink.

  1. Drinking too much water is actually harmful.
    Drinking water leads to the sodium level in our blood to get diluted. Due to this, there is an imbalance of water in our brain, which is harmful.
  2. Different body parts are made up of different levels of water.
    Many people know that an average adult body consists of about 70% water. But, did you know that different body parts have different levels of water? While our bones are made up of only 31% water, our lungs are made up of 83% water.
  3. Water helps reduce weight.
    By drinking water, you will feel less hungry throughout the day. This will help reduce your daily calorie intake.
  4. Water has the ability to dissolve more substances than any other liquid known.
    This quality of water helps the kidneys function better. The job of our kidneys is to flush out unwanted substances from our body. But, before these substances are disposed of, they are accumulated within the kidneys. Since water is a universal solvent, it dissolves all of the substances the kidneys have stored up and helps get rid of them.

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  5. Staying hydrated helps improve your dental hygiene.
    Staying hydrated helps preventing cavities and tooth decay. This is because water is needed for your mouth to make saliva, and saliva keeps your mouth clean.
  6. Nearly every food item we eat has some amount of water in it.
    Food can be classified into two parts – vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Vegetarian food is some form of a plant, and plants need water to survive. Similarly, non-vegetarian food such as chicken has water in its daily diet. Hence, these foods also absorb some of the water, which are made available to us on consumption.

  7. Only 2.5% of the world’s water can be directly consumed.
    Out of all of the water available on Earth, only 2.5 percent is fresh water and can be consumed safely. There are two main sources of this fresh water – glaciers and underground water reserves. While glaciers can be accessed easily, accessing underground water reserves require more effort.

  8. Our brain tissue consists of 80% water.
    This water helps our brain in many ways. It keeps our brain efficient and keeps our short term and long term memory sharp.

  9. Staying hydrated helps prevent chances of arthritis.
    Water helps reduce the friction between your joints. This friction is the main cause of arthritis. By drinking water, you are reducing the risk of developing arthritis.

  10. Weight lost directly after an intense workout is due to loss of water within the body.
    Often, people witness a loss of body weight (no matter how small) after a workout and interpret it as fat loss. But, often, this reduction of body weight is due to a loss of water in the form of sweat during a workout.

  11. Drinking water helps reduce chances of cancer.
    Toxins can cause cancer. But, water helps get rid of the toxins in your body.

  12. Staying hydrated reduces your skin from sagging.

  13. Lukewarm water helps aid digestion.
    Lukewarm water breaks down some of the nutrients you eat, making it easier for your body to digest them.

  14. Staying hydrated keeps your heart healthy.
    Thick blood requires your heart to put in more efforts while pumping it. Water helps to reduce the thickness of your blood, hence helping your heart.

How many of these facts did you know?

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