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Is Flavoured Water Safe to Drink? Find Out the Truth!

Aug 29, 2017

The human body requires a good amount of water to function properly. To be more precise, we need to drink around two litres of water for our body to function at its optimum state. Plain natural water, as we all know, is odourless and tasteless. While drinking plain water suffices all our health needs, still we have at our disposal a variety of flavoured drinks that are set to replace water!

While water is definitely a vital need for the body, some of us like to add that extra “taste” factor to this need. It is at this point that flavoured water comes into action. While we may consider soda or some fizzy drink to be less healthy than water, “flavoured” water certainly doesn’t fall into that category. Or does it?

Flavoured drinks, laced with synthetic chemicals, might not be the best alternative to plain water. While these companies might promote their product as being laced with all the vital nutrients and vitamins, what they don’t show is the negatives that come along with consuming them. Let’s throw some light on the cons of drinking flavoured water.

1) Overdose of sugar

If we take an average, flavoured water consists of around 13 grams of sugar. That is definitely a big value considering the effects large amounts of sugar has on our body. Some may contain up to 28 grams in half a litre of water which is even more than a bar of Kit Kat!

2) High on calories

Water is one of the basic requirements of our daily lives. On an average, a human body requires a full six glasses of water for optimal functionality. While you may opt for flavoured water because of its high vitamin and nutrient content, its biggest negativity is its high-calorie content. On the contrary, natural water has zero calories.

 3) Use of artificial sweeteners

You should never confuse flavoured water with a perfect health drink. While some may boast of zero calorie content, the case gets a little complex at this point. The use of artificial sweeteners like aspartame, saccharin, and sucralose among others indeed turn down the calorie content to zero. However, the con is that they cause a variety of health problems-even cancer!

4) Use of harmful preservatives

A business of this kind thrives when the shelf life of these drinks is long enough. To make that happen these companies use artificial preservatives which cause various illnesses and health problems. They affect the kidney, heart and adrenal gland among others. The most common preservative used in these flavoured drinks is calcium disodium EDTA which can be deadly to humans if used in large amounts. Common problems caused are seizures, arrhythmia and even death in some cases.

5) Use of synthetic colours

Natural water has no colour, while these flavoured ones are colourful. Added synthetic colours might not be harmful to a select few, but on the whole, they are harmful when the intake is high. Colours are used in various other foods and beverages, but the effect remains same. When the intake is high these synthetic colours might trigger allergic reactions in some people. They also can be held responsible for hyperactivity in children. Natural water doesn’t trigger any allergic reactions, and so we should keep away from synthetic colours for as long as we can.

While flavoured water is definitely tastier than plain water, it does come at the cost of your health. Plain water has no substitute, and so we should steer clear of such drinks to safeguard our health. Moreover, adding a lemon or an orange to your water would definitely spice it up the way you want!

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