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Is It Safe to Drink Bottled Water Left in a Parked Car? Find Out!

Sep 29, 2017

When we head out for long drives, most of us carry a bottle of water with us. However, we do not always drink it. Especially in summer, we are required to drink plenty of water when we are outdoors. However, the next time you find a bottle of water in your car, do not drink it. Some of the reasons are explained below.

There have been rumours that drinking water left in cars can be unsafe to drink and drinking it can lead to breast cancer. This is due to the biphenyl A levels in plastic water bottles. Although low levels of biphenyl A are relatively harmless, they are likely to increase when kept at temperatures of 70 degrees Celsius. If you have parked your car under the sun, the internal temperatures are likely to go up to 78 degrees Celsius. Therefore, if you happen to drink the water in your car during this time, it is likely to affect your health adversely. This is more likely to happen if the water is left in the car for weeks and months, and not just a few days. Another risk is when people drink water from a bottle, leave it in the car, and drink from it again in a few days. This causes a greater health concern because the bacteria from your mouth enter the bottle and grows inside it.

With regard to breast cancer, high levels of dioxin in breast cancer tissue results from drinking water left behind in cars. Dioxin is released when the heat reacts with the plastic of the bottle and is harmful when the water is consumed. The same applies to using plastic containers in freezers and microwaves.

Plastic bottles are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and they have established that it does not pose a risk to your health. The water is also tested for basic drinking quality. Disposable water bottles do not usually contain biphenyl A. Studies have confirmed that water bottled in FDA-approved polyethene terephthalate (PET) did contain small amounts of potentially hazardous substances. But these amounts are minimal and are not likely to affect our health.

It is also advisable not to reuse or refill empty bottles. This water is likely to contain high amounts of microbial contaminants. The plastics used in the manufacture of reusable plastic bottles are more likely to be harmful than those used in disposable bottles.

Another potential reason for not leaving bottled water in a car is that it could start a fire. Therefore, ensure that you carry your bottles with you after you have parked your car.

You can avoid this in many ways. Always carry fresh water when you are going for a drive. It is advisable to drink all of the water in the bottle and not to refill it. Disposable bottles are recommended in these cases. If there is water present in the bottle the next time you enter the car, dispose of the water or use it to water your plants. Ladies should particularly avoid water left in cars as it increases the risk of breast cancer.

Although this may not be harmful in many cases, people have been advised to treat this as a potential threat to their health. If you are going for long drives, water can be purchased when required or the water bottle should be taken along with you when you exit the car. Remember that such health issues can be prevented by keeping these simple points in mind. Therefore, stay healthy by drinking clean and pure water.

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