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Is the water your baby drinks pure enough?

Mar 01, 2017

You add more water into your body than any other kind of liquid and even food over a lifetime. So, it’s important to pay attention to water and know its purity levels. Especially, if you have a child that is drinking it.

The water that flows through our taps is never its purest form. Naturally, water flows both under and over the ground. As it flows, it absorbs traces of different elements, including minerals and impurities.

How many times have you heard that tap water isn’t safe to drink? Everyone knows that something isn’t quite right with what comes out of your tap. What people don’t tell you is about the contaminants that make water unsafe for drinking.


When you give your baby water to drink or through baby formula, it is essential that you use safe and clean drinking water. The water should be properly treated and sterilised for your child’s protection. You should ensure that the feeding bottle is sterilised as well. The only reason for these precautions is that your baby is highly vulnerable to viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms during the first few years of life. Untreated water contains these parasites that weaken your child’s immune system and make him/her prone to various infections.

Even a little carelessness on your part can harm your baby’s health. Water-borne diseases like vomiting, diarrhoea and dehydration are common among children. Boiling water can kill a few germs, but it is not entirely safe for your baby to consume. E. coli and other types of viruses and bacteria are present in your tap water. Sewage and animal wastes carry these microorganisms that are dumped into the city’s rivers and lakes, which are the sources of your tap water. These organisms can cause severe gastrointestinal problems for your baby.

Is bottled water safe for your baby?

It’s not. Certain brands of water have good water treatment systems, but not all bottled water can be considered safe for your little one. While government bodies monitor bottled water quality, most of them don’t contain the prescribed amount of fluoride. Some of them even exceed the prescribed amount. It’s always a safer option to give your baby purified water at home. Use bottled water only when you don’t have access to a purifier or you’re travelling. Always remember to check the manufacturing and expiry dates on the bottle and purchase only reputed brands of water.

Never buy water bottles from roadside vendors. There have been many cases where used bottles are filled with tap or contaminated water and sold for profit. Beware of such scams!


Water filters

If you are concerned about the purity of water in your area, water filters are a good option. It is the simplest way to make sure that your family drinks relatively clean water. It may not be the best choice, but it is better than bottled water and tap water.

Once you get an idea about the toxicity of water in your area (WITH OUR FREE TEST), you can consult with filter manufacturers for the best filter that’ll suit your needs. Make sure you follow the manufacturer’s directions and change the filter regularly to prevent breeding of microorganisms or build-up of contaminants.

When you choose a water filter, pay attention to its utility. Some filters can remove fluoride from water. If you’re using such filters, make sure you consult your dentist. Fluoride is good for your teeth. You’d want to ensure that your baby receives fluoride from other sources.

How good are RO purifiers?

Innovative products and new technology have revolutionised the water purification industry. These products preserve the necessary minerals in water and completely eliminate the contaminants to make drinking water safe for your baby and your entire family. If you’re not sure about water filters and have serious doubts about the quality of water in your area, RO is the safest way to go.


Water regulates your body temperature and aids digestion. Water works like magic for most problems in your body. With summer just around the corner, we’d say, a water purifier will bring relief to your baby and everyone in your family. Don’t hesitate when it’s the matter of your child’s health. Ensure that he/she is protected against water-borne diseases by switching to purified water today!


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