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Is there an easy way to test my water?

May 23, 2018

After reading about the harmful effects of water pollution and the importance of buying products like home water purifiers, the one thing everyone is left asking themselves before making the investment is “Is there an easy way to test my water?”.

There are a few easy ways through which you can determine the quality of the supplied tap water.

Chlorinated Water

Chorine is used as a disinfectant by many municipal water suppliers. However, excess amounts of chlorine can also cause a number of health issues. You can tell apart excessively chlorinated water through its yellow/brownish colour, and a decidedly acidic taste.

Water with Pathogens

Pathogens are bacteria and microorganisms which occur naturally. When a water supplier sources the water from a local body, such as a lake or pond, the water may have pathogens in it. Water with pathogens will generally have an earthly smell to it.

This type of water will generally develop algae like growths when stored for longer periods.

Water with Chemical Elements

If the water supplied to your home has been contaminated by chemicals or pesticides etc. it may have a strong, nauseous smell. We expressly recommend not drinking this type of water.

Using a water quality checker

Nowadays you can buy a water quality checker online. These devices are as small as a normal ball point pen, and let you know of the organic and inorganic properties of your home’s tap water.

The Next Step…

Buying a water purifier for your home is the ideal short-term and long-term solution to ensure continuous supply of clean drinking and cooking water. RO water purifiers are recognised as the best home remedy against polluted water and offer comprehensive protection from organic and inorganic water pollutants.

While it easy to get confused about "which water purifier to buy?” when you research online, you can never go wrong if you go for a product from a recognised brand like Livpure.

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