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Learn How Minerals in Your Water Supply Can Affect Your Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier

Oct 27, 2017

RO's are the most commonly used water purifying solutions today. The reverse osmosis process is used in some of the best water purifiers available for home and office. There is a membrane inside the RO water purifier which filters bacteria and other hard water elements.                                           

Generally, service engineers from your RO company will clean the membrane during regular maintenance checks, but sometimes a hard scale can form on the membrane and prompt premature filter replacement.                                            

What causes scaling on your RO membrane?

Hard water is a result of high mineral content and generally has a higher number of calcium and magnesium ions in it. When these ions are removed through the reverse osmosis, they accumulate on the membrane and form the scale which you see on the filter.

How to check for scaling on your water purifier’s membrane?

A manual check is required to identify the issue. Initiate a check if you notice a drop in the water quality from your purifier or if the unit has become excessively noisy.

If you don’t mind doing a little DIY once in a while, you can refer to your RO’s instruction manual and check for the problem yourself or request for professional assistance from your service provider.

What are the effects of membrane scaling in your water purifier?

The mineral ions, especially the calcium ones, are sticky in nature and thus bind and harden over time. Once the layer gets too thick the reverse osmosis process stops functioning and the water quality from the dispenser goes down.

Also, excessive amounts of mineral ions in your water supply may cause frequent clogging of the RO membrane, which means you will have to frequently call up the service centre for cleaning or replacement of the RO filters. While we recommend that you get your water purifier serviced regularly, these out of the cycle replacements can be costly to maintain.

Lastly, a clogged membrane causes the water purifier to draw more power to perform the purification process. This not only increases your electricity bills, but also increases the amount of waste water dispensed by the water purifier.

How can you keep a check on membrane scaling?

Well, the first step is to check your water supply for the quantity of heavy minerals present in it. This will help you in selecting an adequate pre-filter for your water purifying unit.

Pre-filters are designed to reduce the pressure on water purifiers by treating the water before it enters the main unit.

Also, you can ask your water purifier maintenance guy to drop by once in a while to check that everything is in order. These simple steps can save both your health and wealth.

Concluding thoughts

The best water purifiers for home and office use come with high quality RO membranes and carry extended service support from the manufacturer. So, always buy a water purifier from a reliable and established brand which can provide a prompt after sales service.

At Livpure, we deliver a healthy and pure life for everyone. Our installation engineers provide a responsible service by doing all necessary checks before and after the installation to make sure you and your family are protected from water pollution.

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